Why is Yax considered bad?

I just started playing and I find Yax pretty useful, but he isn’t considered good by a lot of people.Why is that? Is he useful anywhere?


That would be why. Lol
He’s just literally the weakest and less useful than the non-attacking Miguel.

I mean no disrespect. He can be useful, just outclassed.


Well lets see… he heals for two seconds, he does low damage, and his disks are not so helpful… see?


As long as you see that he’s helping, upgrade him. But sooner or later his heal will start feeling very miniscule, and that will be the time to let him go.
He doesn’t bring anything other than this heal to the table. 10% slow for 10 seconds at purple rank? That’s barely accountable. And if you want damage, just bring someone else


Am Anfang kann man ihn durchaus benutzen. Aber mit der Zeit wirst du ihn automatisch weniger einsetzen. Mach ihn höchstens auf Lila (2), das reicht.


He’s only useful in the beginning. Later he gets outclassed by better healers that can either deal more damage or have more useful utility than him.


Hi @Miss_Scarlet and welcome to the forums, and the game!

In the early days of the game Yax was invaluable. He was the only healer in the game for a long time and as such in literally everybody’s team. The problem is that over time more characters got released who could also heal, and almost all of them do it more effectively than Yax, as well as doing other things.
Yax is still pretty good up until you hit level 40-50 but after that there are much better options for a healer in your team, someone like Mickey or Miguel heal more than Yax does but also offers power boosts as well.


Yax is trash (and smell like trash, literally!).
Oh god, now I see what PB did here, but anyway…

Yax skill kit is really poor and limited and even rising numbers won’t help with current possibilities and systems.
Finnick disk is the worse disk in game and Frozone disk can be good but numbers are too low and given conversation is also too low.

Healing isn’t enough now, and his damage is lowest, he also have lowest base stats.
Nothing good, just smelly tragedy.


Welcome @Miss_Scarlet. Yax is actually pretty good. His chill vibes makes him essential in arena and coliseum, but only for the first 10 seconds. He is extremely slow, which is his main fault. Before he can even pull off his white white, he will be killed by merida or sparrow or any strong hero that deals high normal damage. But other than that. He is quite good. I still use him in arena when I need to slow hero enemies down, then I use Judy to increase my own attack speed.

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He is useful when you start out but he drops off fast, if you’re f2p you’re better off just not bothering with the time he’s useful and spending your resources on other heroes.

This isn’t actually true. There was a while there before Miguel was released that you were better off just going without a healer. Even with the current healers, who are actually good healers, there are few times when a healer actually makes your team better.

This is the problem with him, he doesn’t scale well, so his heal drops off fast.

He isn’t, never has been and likely never will be “essential”.


Unless he gets a hero refresh

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And yet most players in the platinum league of the coliseum use him in 1 of their teams… :frowning:

As a Player on S19 who is coming close to three weeks of play, IMHO Yax will still see substantial play.

Especially if you want to develop Friend Disks and win the Friend Campaigns, I had personally placed focus to skill up Yax’s Natural Healing and Body Odour so that he could contribute to long drawn fights.

My verdict : Yax may not be Surge, Heist, Invasion, Arena, or Coliseum -worthy. However, as part of the build-up towards end game, especially for long sustained fights (like City Watch) or certain Main / Friend Campaigns, he is still invaluable.


Because you don’t have any choice, S19 don’t have heroes which S1 have.
Also, how many times it’s needed to be explained? Yax is good only at beginning, if you don’t have any other healer.


Touche. Granted Context (i.e. which server you play in) matters most. Because the game Meta in each server is different anyway.


That’s why I said likely :wink:

You also have to remember the are several heroes that have been refreshed and none of them are really “essential”, closest is maybe Jack Sparrow.

Platinum league Coli is mostly F2P, in Challenger nobody uses him at all. F2P uses what they have and everyone has Yax.

So who would be the definitive yellow team healer?

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Miguel, without question


Or sulley, with a well starred woody disk and meg for survival.

That’s a good point about Sulley.