Why were Gogo’s chips removed?

After a lot of effort, tears and team hotswapping, I finally managed to unlock Gogo’s raiding chips.
I got to enjoy that triumph for one day before this happened:

Why were the hero chips changed to someone else?


Dude they’re in the shop

I don’t like buying hero chips from the shop, I want to get them as rewards from mission clears.
Hence why I invested so much effort in this perfect clear.

To quote Baymax: I have concerns.

It looks like the Gogo chips were moved to the contest to “encourage” participation.

they cycle chip locations around regularly, i wouldn’t get too concerned about reasons behind specific hero’s chips being moved to specific places :stuck_out_tongue:

Go-Go was introduced as a PVP reward, so she’s on a set cycle that will eventually culminate in Elite Campaign & Diamond Crates - as she’s just gone into the shop, that will be in around 3 rotation’s time


What else can you use the shop tokens for? Overpriced badges? Way overpriced credits or XP drinks?


Is that not specific to the Black and Mega markets?

I just don’t like the shops that are reliant on specific activities to provide currency, since I rarely have enough of those currencies to purchase items in bulk amounts.

By contrast, an elite raid can be done indefinitely.
Also, as they’ll have moved Gogo’s chips to a higher level of the game, that means that when they are assigned to wherever they will be, they’ll be inaccessible to me.

I really struggled to get this far because I don’t have the stamina to upgrade 5x characters to Y7, so I can’t progress further into the game at this point.

What confuses me is that Gogo’s chips were made available, then removed again.

Most markets will offer badges, badge bits, credits, and/or XP drinks; except for the Badge Bazaar, where some badges and badge bits are reasonably priced, all those items are overpriced.

Once you make it to Platinum II in Arena or Coliseum, you’ll get enough tokens to buy one hero’s chips every day; the same is true for one heist a day at Hard or above. After you complete at least one City Watch on Epic difficulty, you’ll be able to raid that mode most days and earn enough tokens for two heroes’ chips. Surge and War tokens depend, to a large extent, on how active your guild is, so for those it may be harder to buy a hero’s chips every day they’re offered.

At the cost of stamina that could, instead, be used to get twice as many badge bits. :man_shrugging:

This could cause an issue, but you have three months to work on advancing further in the campaign, a task for which Go Go is very helpful.

That’s the usual pattern: a hero is introduced in some game mode, is moved to Elite Campaign for a brief time, goes to a shop for three months, returns to Elite for (usually) three months, goes to another shop for three months, then is moved to their permanent Elite Campaign locations. Although I’m pretty sure a couple of heroes that have moved into shops this month have already had two rotations in the shops, and I think Ian has only been in a shop once, so it’s not 100% guaranteed.

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