Witch Hazel (Hero Concept)

Witch Hazel (from Mickey and Friends)
Description: This witch is definitely not off her rocker, Witch Hazel uses her magic spells and broom, named BeezleBub, to knock the creeps right into next Halloween.
Quote: “This hurts me more than it does you.”
Stars: 2
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Hazel will zoom in on BeezleBub before skidding to a halt
Victory: Hazel will cackle with joy
Death: Water will spill on Hazel and she’ll being to loose control of BeezleBub
Role: Frontline Control


Basic Attack: BeezleBub will ram into enemies

White skill: Double Grim: Fantastic Damage
Hazel will spray the closet enemy with her potion, charming them for and increasing their attack and movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds. At the end of the ten seconds, the enemy will be flown into the backline, dealing X damage to any enemies in their way and to the enemy that is flown

Green skill: Boo!
Hazel will use her potion to animate a pumpkin, the pumpkin will shout out loud. Scaring all enemies for 10 seconds

Blue skill: Posts Are Ghosts: Fantastic Damage
Hazel will use her potion to animate posts, turning them into ghosts. They’ll then play a harp and sing, scaring all enemies for 15 seconds and dealing X damage to them

Purple skill: Itching To Put A Spell On You
If an enemy is damaged by Hazel while charmed, they’re charm is extended by 3 seconds

Red skill: Trick Or Treat On Halloween
Hazel and all allies are immune to all disables for 13 seconds at the start of each wave


Witch Hazel and Donald Duck
Disk: No Tricks, Only Treats
Hazel will have her skill power increased by 30% if there is one at least one charmed enemy on the battle field
Donald, having learned his lesson from last time, has decided to take his nephews trick or treating. Witch Hazel isn’t sure as to whether or not Donald’s trying to pull another trick, so she accompanies them on Halloween night
Allies: Huey, Dewy, and Louie Scrooge McDuck Mickey Mouse

Witch Hazel and Mad Madam Mim
Disk: Witching For A Spell
Hazel’s basic attack power is shared evenly among allies for the first 5 seconds of each wave
Hazel loves Madam Mim’s Halloween like aesthetic and decides to ask her to help with Mickey’s Halloween party. But things get out of hand quickly as Mim attempts to create chaos.
Allies: Jack Skeleington Minnie Mouse Sarah Sanderson


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