Wonderland Madness!

I’m so happy to be using the Wonderland trio again. Oh, how I’ve missed to behold their mad symphony. The remaining team slots were filled in by characters that would help the team adapt to the given situation. Flexibility is a must, you know.

Song used:

  • Whims of Fate (Persona 5 OST)
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@Aurora_Veil may I request some video which is a team of bo peep,Elsa, rapunzel,Mulan and Jasmine versus any team but there’s ducky and bunny in it… Pretty please , thanks

I really like that QOH finally has a purpose. She both now has a strong supportive red skill and she can counter minnie’s teamwide charm.

I can make a team of those heroes but I won’t guarantee Ducky & Bunny.

Okay but please make a video of them I just wanted to know how they works when they’re maxed out

What do you think of Alice’s Red Skill? I want to know if she’s usable now, I really liked her when she was relevant.

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not feeling it—yet. Her Red Skill is supposed to make speed buffs better when she’s normal and can cleanse when she’s enormous. Unfortunately, I don’t see it working right now because the Red Skill for her is not yet maxed. At the very least, she’s getting lots of HP and Skill Power buffs through this Red Skill, so at least that’s making a bit of a difference.

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