World's Best Buster (Phineas and Ferb concept)

So something kinda major for me here: this is my first “stack” concept! With me doing Agent P a while back, I decided that there is no other character that I feel would be perfect for the “stacked” concept than Candace. Now, there are gonna be some moments where she might not seem the best so let me know then kay? So anyway, here’s Candace Flynn.

Name: Candace

Description: Cadence is very persistent when it comes to busting, thanks to having to deal with her brothers’ inventions. She stays on the attack and keeps her speed and determination up.

Quote: “You know, I used to think the universe is against me, but now I realize…it’s me against the universe!”

Role: Damage

Position: Midline

Stars: :star: :star:

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Rides in on her bicycle

Basic Attack: Punches an enemy

Victory: Fistpumps and woohoos

Defeat: Gets knocked back, prompting her to get on her knees


White Skill: Leave the Busting to Me
:fist: Normal Damage

Passive: Instead of attacking, Candace instead spies on a random enemy. She does this every 6 seconds, applying a stack of Busted each time they are targeted. Enemies take X less energy from all sources, as well as X armor removed for each stack of Busted.

Active: Candace gets Linda to drive up and turns away from the enemies. While she is turned away, enemies take X damage over time, with X additional damage done for each stack of Busted and each Busted stack being removed afterward.

Green Skill: Squirrels in My Pants
:fist: Normal Damage

Some squirrels surround Candace, causing her to launch herself onto the middle of the field and do X damage to all enemies, blinding them for 5 seconds. The blind has a chance to fail against enemies over Level X.

Blue Skill: Photographic Evidence
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Candace tries to get a photo for proof, but pushes a wrong button, causing a flash that blinds and deals damage to all enemies. The blind has a chance to fail if enemies are over Level X.

Purple Skill: You’re Going Down

As a persistent buster, she and allies gain 10% movement speed whenever they attack an enemy with Busted! until the end of the wave. This is less effective if allies and Candace are over Level X.

Red Skill: B-U-S-T-E-D

Whenever an enemy with Busted is defeated, Candace gains 10% movement speed for the rest of the battle. She also gains +X armor for each stack of Busted! on each enemy.

As long as there is an enemy with Busted! on the field, allies have +15% speed.

+X Max HP

+X Armor

+X Damage in “Leave the Busting to Me”

Friendship Skills:

  • Candace and Eyes
    Campaign Name: Eye Spy Photographic Evidence
    Description: Another failed bust attempt leads to Candace meeting Eyes. Candace noticed that her glasses seem to pick up everything that they see, prompting her to be enlisted to follow Candace around the City to hunt down her brothers, in the hopes of finally busting them.
    Allies: Baymax, Kevin Flynn, WALL-E
    Disk Name: Eye Phone
    Ability: Extra Busted!
    Candace now gives X additional stack(s) of “Busted!” (+1 per star on disk)
    +X Basic Attack
    +X Movement Speed

  • Candace and Super Super Big Doctor
    Campaign Name: Feeble Feebla-Ootian
    Description: The two are not fully on good terms yet. Super Super Big Doctor is seemingly regretful about what happened between them and just wants to have a Girls’ Day Out, like old times.
    Allies: Stitch, Angel, Jumba
    Disk Name: Roach Cone
    Ability: Brighter Flash
    +X Basic Damage
    Blinds from Photographic Evidence now last for X additional seconds (+1 per star on disk)


This feels like something Candace wouldn’t do

Isn’t her basic attack punching?

Wait if she’s mid line why does she punch the enemy?

You should probably change the basic attack to see passive

Other then that decent concept 6 out of 10

Good to know! I really hate missing the most obvious of details sometimes, you know? Like you look over something but then there’s that one thing that you somehow miss? Anyways, thanks for the comment!

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