Worthless worms (likely concept)

Pain and panic


1 star, mid-line control

“Reporting for duty”

pain and panic causes mayham on the battlefield with their shape-shifting abilities


Entrance: pain and panic flys into the battlefield

Victory: pain looks at his shoes while panic admires them

Defeat: they both turn into worms

Basic attack: the two throw a urn at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: it wasn’t us

Pain and panic stack on top of each other and transforms into an enemy chosen by the player until their energy runs out. when they are transformed, they copy all skills from the enemy with the stats altered to match pain and panic’s stats.

Once they are out of their transformation, the enemy who was chosen to by pain and panic to transform into now has 2 stacks of fatigue inflicted onto them.

Green: Mortal potion

Pain and panic throws a mortal potion at the enemy with the highest amount of buffs, this deals X damage to the foe and also flips all of their active buffs into the opposite effect (speed increase becomes slow, hardy becomes fatigue, etc)

Blue: I thought they looked dashing

Pain shows off his hercules-brand shoes, increasing the duo’s movement and attack speeds by 100% for 10 seconds.

This move can only be activated once every 15 seconds.

Purple: worthless worms

Pain and panic now gains X skill power and 45% attack speed whenever they defeat an enemy with “mortal potion”

Red: Reporting for duty

“It wasn’t us” now copies all the buffs that were on the copied enemy with their duration refreshed.

All buffs flipped by pain and panic now heals the duo by X amount per buff flipped.
+X damage to “mortal potion”
+X skill power
+X armor


Pain and Panic/Hades
Lower lackeys
allies gain speed

“I thought they looked dashing” now grants 35% of the speed that is increased on the duo to nearby allies.

Pain and Panic/Lock, shock and barrel
Trick or transform
flipped buffs damages enemies

Each flipped buff on a target enemy from “mortal potion” now deals 25% extra damage to the foe per each flipped buff.

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