Would You Like a Disney Junior Character?

I need your help in settling an argument.

@Filadae_Djaq says that some people would not be happy if a character from a Disney Junior show (such as Sofia, Elena, Kion etc.) show up in DHBM. I say otherwise.

I want to know what you think. If a Disney Junior character were to come in the game, would you be excited for it?

For those who don’t play the game, would be excited for the players?


Doc mcstuffins lol

But yes I’d be fine with Jake, tootles, the imagination movers, kion, etc.

No. Disney Junior is a bad idea. It would break a lot of timelines and do other craziness.


There are others which deserve the spot more but maybe in time

Uh, rude. And he’s right, it would break countless timelines and most likely drive away many, many players


I have to agree with this in particular because Disney Junior, while it has good shows and stuff, it would make the game very childish.


That’s obviously not what I meant🙄

Ohhh sorry didn’t mean to offend or anything

It you guys are referring to the Lion Guard, i’m pretty sure that the friendship between Kevin Flynn and CLASSIC Tron pretty much threw the concern for timelines out the window.


That’s what I was thinking

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It’s not something that would excite me, but it’s not something that would upset me either. It’s certainly not something I would leave the game over.

Um, what do you mean by that? We already have characters from the distant past (Mulan), the recent past (Dr. Facilier), the future (Captain Amelia), alternate realities (Zootopia), and everything in between. What is there to break?


Lion king, Peter Pan, Disney princesses, and more

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Hmmm The Lion Guard maybe i’ll give you that one. The others, not really. Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sofia the First don’t really break any time rules.

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It breaks major time rules, as does muppet babies,

And I agree, there shouldn’t be any.

Time line, no.


Aren’t Mulan and Li Shang friends in this game? Or does he still think she’s a male in their friendship campaign?

Well, if it’s of any value, Disney Junior is sort of targeted towards toddlers and very young children; while the game rating is 9+.

From a business perspective, it would be a terrible idea. Most players wouldn’t even recognize these characters, let alone be interested in paying to level them up.


I agree with the others, it wouldn’t make sense to have Disney Junior Characters. Though I think it would be funny…


Uh? What are you talking about?

Li Shang spent most of the movie Mulan assuming Mulan was a male soldier. If he knows she’s female in their friendship campaign, that’s a minor break in the timeline right there, since Shan Yu is alive.

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