Wow. Out goes something useful...and in comes pay to win

If they NEEDED to do the battle pass, why not keep the prize wall for people who don’t want to spend money!?


And the prizes comparing free vs $20…that’s a slap in the face. They are literally saying that if you don’t pay, your going to have a HORRIBLE time.


I’ll take how to chase players away for thousand , Alex….


They better respond saying that they meant to do this on April 1st and will return everything back to normal. Because this update is a literal joke.


Oh my goodness :joy: hilarious


Player Treatment the past few weeks has been on a par with the AB Testing farce which IMO was still the all-time-low.

  • Blatantly lied to about increasing Badge Crate drops game-wide to balance increased costs (the drops were in fact decreased)
  • Blatantly lied to that Badge recipes are being changed to reduce lag, when in reality the lag reduction is a handy bonus of what is once again a massive and unrealistic for most cost hike
  • Introduction of Pay-To-Play events followed by an entire Pay-To-Play Battle Pass & New Hero system
  • Replacement of dedicated, conversational Forum Community Support direct from the team, with Support Ticket Agents who follow predefined scripts
  • Hero Balance that has gotten completely out of hand through PBs own action and is making the game boring, pushed to the back burner to prioritise new monetisation schemes

PerBlue should be paying their Artists & Graphic Designers every single Dollar they make, because they are the only people keeping players interested in DH right now.

FYI this is not aimed at any singular PB staff, as we don’t know who makes decisions, who writes Patch Notes, who signs off, etc etc. Each person probably only sees their small portion of the overall game and doesn’t have the full picture when they do their bit. This is for the team as a whole - which, perhaps half the problem is that they are not one.

But over the last year or so, and moreso recently, some things have gone seriously wrong to the detriment of the game experience and player satisfaction. It’s really poor. This game is not a pump & dump, it’s a high quality, long term game with a dedicated player base who deserve better.


I agree to this as much as the game costs went up…. Million percent. This is what keeps people playing and keeping the gaming alive…. Everything else tells them find a different game lately.


I swear if they decide to cut their pay for more money to themselves…


@TheGrillFather Are you guys gonna fix the cost of crafting E6 badge or not ? Because 52 m for 1 hero is just ridiculous.


Not saying that they are, but if they DO…

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Even spenders will quit with those ammounts…


I am now done. 3 millions stamina at 2x to fully badge three heroes at E6.

Simply way too expensive now

FTP is done too


Nearly one million consumables to fully craft one toon…i mean, seems legit lol. I just crafted four individual badges, on four separate toons, that still somehow cost be 4 million consumables, its making less and less sense :rofl:


Honestly feel like the Dallas cowboys, Detroit lions, and New York jets will all win super bowls before you all start actually listening and caring for the fan base for this game…. Because congratulations you all won the slapping people in the face championships with stuff like this and removing prize wall (hate to see what you define as “revamped” when it comes back based on the “revamping” of this)


People continuing to spend that amount of stamina, is in gonna no way help rectify the issue, cos whilst people are spending, pb wont be in no rush to fix anything. Just gonna be sitting there watching the money roll in…




We definitely deserve better!!!

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To add salt to the wounds…

Badge booster crates don’t seem to provide ANY E6 badges.

38m stamina for the common (bottom right slot) badge when it’s usually like 2100k…

This better get fixed or most of us are never getting to E7


Yeah I probably actually was paying like $20 every other month for stuff in game… Now after this update I’m probably just going to walk away it’s completely unacceptable way to treat people that continue to play this game like this.

To be completely honest I have been thinking about stop playing this game and this pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for me. Ridiculous.


Well, it is a Disney game. Sadly, it’s been getting to the point recently, where they’re seemingly trying to get rid of their once-loyal customers.

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