Wrath of The Red Dragon

Pitaya Dragon Cookie


“I. Am. The. RED DRAGON!”

Hailing from the fiery fields of Dragon’s Valley, the legendary Pitaya Dragon Cookie engulfs the battlefield in flames, leaving his enemies terrorized for lands on end.

Stars: :star: :star: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Flies right into position
Victory: Raises sword up high
Defeat: Throws sword down and growls
Attack: Slashes his sword

White Skill: Draconic Bladestorm (Fantastic Damage)
Pitaya Dragon Cookie begins to soar into the air and unleashes his Red Dragon form for 10 seconds. He will instantly heal 50% of his Max HP, deal X fantastic damage with his basic attacks, and increasing his basic damage and attack speed by 300%.

Pitaya Dragon can only use his basic attack and will receive 25% less energy with this skill.

Green Skill: Fruitling Pet (Fantastic Damage)
Dragon Fruitling, Pitaya Dragon’s pet, fights along side him and will deal X damage and an additional X burning damage per second for 3 seconds with each basic attack. Once Pitaya Dragon falls below 30% of his Max HP, Dragon Fruitling turns into a legendary fruit which will heal Pitaya Dragon for X HP and granting him 400 energy. Afterwards, Dragon Fruitling will turn into a baby, losing his additional DOT effect.

Dragon Fruitling can only heal Pitaya Dragon Cookie once per wave.

This is what the Dragon Fruitling looks like:


Blue Skill: Flaming Flap (Fantastic Damage)
Pitaya Dragon dodged an attack or skill by guarding himself with his wings, increasing his armor by X and then flaps his wings, dealing X damage to that enemy and knocking them back at medium range.

Pitaya Dragon can counter once every 15 seconds.

Purple Skill: Scorched Earth (Fantastic Damage)
Pitaya Dragon Cookie’s skills and basic attacks now burn enemies, dealing X damage over 4 seconds. Pitaya Dragon also heals for 50% of the damage done from Damage Over Time effects.

Red Skill: Wrath of The Red Dragon
Pitaya Dragon is immune from 3 skills affecting him at the start of combat.

“Draconic Bladestorm” will deal 35% more damage to enemies who attempts to disable him.

The additional damage is reduced against enemies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Max HP
+X Fantastic Crit
+X Skill Power

Friendship Disks:

Pitaya Dragon-Mushu
Draconic Guardian
Dodge Freeze and Damage Over Time
+X Armor
+Dragon Fruitling deals X more damage and heals for X more HP
• Pitaya Dragon and his allies have a 20% (+20 per star level) chance to dodge freezes or Damage Over Time effects.

Pitaya Dragon-The Manticore
One Hell Of A Risk
Gain Speed and Energy on Crit
+X Skill Power to Red Team Allies
+X Max HP to Tank role allies including Pitaya Dragon
• Pitaya Dragon gains 30% attack and movement speed when he crits, up to a max of 30% (+30 per star level).
• Pitaya Dragon gains 20 (+20 per star level) energy when he crits.


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His blue skill is so like Golitah😅

Please stop reviving dead topics


Especially not a bunch of them at one time.


In addition to what LGDB and Myeong said, it’s more like his GREEN skill, not his blue

I forgot

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