Year of the peacock (unlikely concept 11)


3 star, frontline damage

“Call in the wolves! All of them! I want them ready to move! The year of the peacock begins now!”

Shen uses his metal talons and a giant cannon to inflict deadly pain onto anyone who stands in his way


Entrance: shen walks in with his talons hidden in his robe before he gets into a battle stance

Victory: he puts his hands together as he gains an evil grin

Defeat: he gets knocked onto his back

Basic attack: shen swipes at the nearest enemy with his metal talons, dealing x damage


White: firey metal

Shen rolls in a dragon cannon and lights the fuse which then the cannon fires a ball of metal and fire at the enemies.

This deals x damage to all enemies and deals damage overtime for 5 seconds.

Green: guan dao

Shen dodges an attack and slices the attacking enemy with a guan dao two times, dealing x damage and decreasing the armor of that enemy by 30%

Blue: quick striker

Shen hits the nearest enemy with his metal talons three times, dealing x damage to that enemy.

Purple: take aim

“Firey metal” now decreases the armor of all enemies for 7 seconds.

Red: vengeful attempt

Shen gains the “berserk” status when he is about to be defeated.

While he is “berserk” shen heals himself gradually for x amount per second and gains a shield for x amount

“quick striker” now weakens shields of shielded enemies by 30%


Shen/shan yu
Year of the birds
Combos decreases armor

“Guan dao” and “quick striker” now decreases the armor of enemies by 40%

Kung-fu hunny
More powerful strikes when threatened

Shens basic attack now deals x more damage when shen is under 30%


Talk about the rare peacock

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I think this status should only belong to the beast.

But nice concept though. Did you made this concept because I made my concept on Master Oogway? :thinking:

No I didn’t

I just wanted to show my love for the kung-fu panda movies by making a unlikely concept of the main villain of the second movie

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