Yesss/Goofy Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the first friendship campaign concept for Yesss.

Campaign name: BuzzzTube 101



Allies: Colette, Bo Peep, Elsa

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Yesss and Goofy are now friends!

Goofy: Yesss, when we first met I’ve been meaning to ask. Do you think I can start a BuzzzTube account?

Yesss: Sure, Goof! It ain’t hard to get started at all!

Goofy: Oh boy! Can we start?

Yesss: Sure thing! Soon, you, my groovy friend will be trending!

Goofy: Gawrsh! I can’t wait!

Campaign Story: Yesss wants to bring something new to BuzzzTube, and fast! So she turns to Goofy for help.

Yesss: Alright, let’s see the hearts flowing today.

Yesss: What?! The viewers are asking for something new?! I think I need some help! Maybe! Clear out my afternoon, I need to find some new talent, and fast!

Chapter 1: Feeling Stumped

Chapter 1-1: Yesss is in a rush of some last-minute BuzzzTube entertainment.

Chapter 1-2: Fortunately, she knows just the person to recruit, Ralph!

Chapter 1-3: She searches the Park to find Ralph’s tree stump just as a horde of creeps emerges.

Chapter 1-4: Goofy hears the creeps and uses his dance moves. The creeps perish.

Chapter 1-5: Yesss thanks Goofy, and starts to reconsider her idea. She must have Goofy become a BuzzzTuber!

Yesss: Now those were some slick moves, Goof. You got to show that on BuzzzTube!

Goofy: Gawrsh, will people like them?

Yesss: Why would you ask yourself such a ridiculous question?

Goofy: Some folks think my dancing gets in the way and ruins everything.

Yesss: Don’t listen to them. Besides, you’ll make lots of people happy.

Chapter 2: Activate Account

Chapter 2-1: Yesss takes Goofy to BuzzzTube to start an account.

Chapter 2-2: But as soon as they head inside, they see the place ransacked by creeps!

Chapter 2-3: Goofy bust out some moves dodging creeps left and right.

Chapter 2-4: Yesss tries to get virus protection in here stat, while also throwing hearts at the creeps.

Chapter 2-5: After dealing with the creeps, they head to Yesss’s office.

Yesss: So, what should your username be?

Goofy: My name’s already Goofy. Why would I need a second name?

Yesss: No no no. You don’t need a second name, this is just for privacy reasons.

Yesss: Wait, I got it! How about Goof Star?

Goofy: I like it!

Chapter 3: Video Block

Chapter 3-1: Now that Goofy has an account. It’s time to start making videos.

Chapter 3-2: But Goofy doesn’t know where to start for his first video.

Chapter 3-3: Yesss helps out by throwing out some ideas for BuzzzTube videos.

Chapter 3-4: There have been BuzzzTube videos of cooking, cuteness, bee puns, gaming, and the latest trend, dance tutorials.

Chapter 3-5: Goofy gets some interest on the last suggestion. Dancing is his thing!

Yesss: Dance Tutorials! Excellent choice, Goof!

Goof: Gawrsh, Thanks Yesss. But what kind of dancing should I do?

Yesss: Do something that comes into your mind. You know, Goofy style!

Chapter 4: How to Goof

Chapter 4-1: Goofy decides to bust out a few moves while he explains what to do.

Chapter 4-2: But when he tries to moonwalk backward, he trips and lands on his back.

Chapter 4-3: Yesss stops recording to check if Goofy is alright.

Chapter 4-4: Yesss lets out a few chuckles when Goofy gets up with a funny hat on his head.

Chapter 4-5: She tells him that he should upload that. It’s bound to earn him some hearts.

Goofy: Do you think people will give out hearts for this?

Yesss: Sure Goof. But you’ll need to keep on making videos if you want more hearts.

Goofy: Maybe I’ll try some more dancing.

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Goofy: Yesss, have you seen my hat? I seem to have lost it again.

Yesss: Uhhh, Goofy. It’s on your head.

Goofy: Gawrsh, there it is! Where it always is!

Yesss: You are just as silly as Ralph you know that?

Chapter 5: Idea Generator

Chapter 5-1: While Goofy makes more dance tutorials, Yesss gets the videos uploaded.

Chapter 5-2: But she runs into a problem. The files aren’t uploading!

Chapter 5-3: Goofy, seeing how upset his friend is. Decides to get some more hearts, while Yesss calls in tech support.

Chapter 5-4: But just as he steps into the main entrance of BuzzzTube. The place is once again overrun by creeps.

Chapter 5-5: As he fights off the creeps. Goofy gets an idea. He’ll show how others can defend themselves against creeps!

Goofy: Yesss! I got a great idea!

Yesss: Really what is it Goofy?

Goofy: I’ll show people how to defend themselves against the creeps!

Yesss: You are a genius, Goof!

Chapter 6: Creep Defense

Chapter 6-1: Yesss and Goofy decide how to make this video is to find some creeps.

Chapter 6-2: It wasn’t long before they found a horde in the park.

Chapter 6-3: Goofy lets out a long howl to get the creeps’ attention.

Chapter 6-4: Goofy tries to explain how to fight the creeps. But soon finds himself outnumbered.

Chapter 6-5: Yesss throws hearts while she explains the importance of self-defense.

Yesss: You alright there, Goof?

Goofy: Yeah. Though I can’t remember what happened.

Yesss: What happened?! You just got a BuzzzTube hit!

Chapter 7: BuzzzTube Flow

Chapter 7-1: Goofy and Yesss head back to BuzzTube to upload their newest video.

Chapter 7-2: But right when they get to Yesss’s office. they find creeps purging video files!

Chapter 7-3: Goofy bust some dance moves on the creeps while Yesss flings hearts.

Chapter 7-4: They managed to get the files back in one piece.

Chapter 7-5: They upload the files onto Goofy’s BuzzzTube account.

Goofy: Gawrsh, I hope those videos get a lot of hearts.

Yesss: Don’t worry Goof. I got a good feeling about this. Don’t count yourself short.

Friend Level 10 Dialogue

Yesss: Have I ever told you that you got some cool friends?

Goofy: Gawrsh, I didn’t think they would be cold.

Yesss: That wasn’t what I meant. Oh, nevermind.

Chapter 8: Feel the Love

Chapter 8-1: The next day, Yesss shows Goofy the most exciting news.

Chapter 8-2: Hearts are flowing in at an alarming pace.

Chapter 8-3: The viewers are getting lots of laughs with the dance videos.

Chapter 8-4: His best video was his self-defense against creeps.

Chapter 8-5: Yesss tosses some hearts to Goofy as a way of saying her thanks.

Goofy: Hayuck! Hearts.

Yesss: And they are for you Goofster. You are now trending!

Goofy: Oh boy!

Yesss: Now with that out of the way. What should your next video be?

Goofy: Gawrsh, I don’t know. Any ideas Yesss?

Yesss: Let’s get brainstorming!

Campaign “BuzzzTube 101” complete.

“Goof Dance” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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