Yesss/Mike Wazoski Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the second friendship for Yesss.

Campaign name: Streets of Laughter

Yesss/Mike Wazowski



Allies: Robin Hood, Joy, Tigger

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Yesss and Mike Wazowski are now friends!

Yesss: So, you’re a top laugh collector you say, Mike?

Mike: You bet! My laugh totals are off the charts.

Yesss: Well, how would you feel about starting your very own BuzzzTube account? Because, you, my little one eye green friend, will be trending!

Mike: Really? Tell me more.

Campaign Story: Mike comes up with a new comedy routine and turns to Yesss to help him go viral.

Sulley: Mike, where are you rushing off to?

Mike: No time to talk now Sulley. I’ve got a great idea that’s going to take my laughs to new heights!

Chapter 1: Comedian Mentor

Chapter 1-1: The first time Mike fought alongside with Yesss, he was impressed.

Chapter 1-2: Who knew getting hearts was the way of earning some laughs. It was inspirational.

Chapter 1-3: Always looking to bring in some laughs, he decides to head to BuzzzTube to start his account.

Chapter 1-4: At first Yesss wasn’t amused when he barges into her office.

Chapter 1-5: But after hearing his plan, she agrees to help.

Yesss: Well, Mike you are in luck, monster videos are trending!

Mike: Great! I’ve got a truckload of laughter routines that are ready to earn some hearts.

Yesss: Well then, show me what you got.

Chapter 2: Routine Rack-Up

Chapter 2-1: Mike starts with a joke about him being the ball in 2nd grade.

Chapter 2-2: However when he was getting to the punchline, creeps show up in BuzzzTube.

Chapter 2-3: Mike swallows his microphone and burps causing the creeps to vanish.

Chapter 2-4: Yesss has seen a miracle. She’s never seen, someone who takes out creeps and bring in laughs.

Chapter 2-5: With the creeps gone, Mike turns around to see Yesss with a huge smile on her face.

Yesss: Ha-ha, why didn’t you tell me I would be in the presence of a genius for BuzzzTube?

Mike: What can I say? The camera loves me.

Yesss: Well then, shall we get started?

Chapter 3: On a Roll

Chapter 3-1: Mike doesn’t know what to do next, so he asks Yesss for any ideas.

Chapter 3-2: Yesss suggests to do some physical humor because it’s the latest trend.

Chapter 3-3: Taking her advice, Mike rolls around and crashes into a trash can, resulting in some books falling into his mouth and a huge textbook landing on his head.

Chapter 3-4: After cleaning up and recovering from the sketch, Yesss gets to uploading on the video.

Chapter 3-5: Moments later, hearts are flowing in at an enormous rate.

Mike: Wow! Would you look at that Yesss? The laughs are coming in!

Yesss: That’s right Mr. Wazowski. You are a BuzzzTube celebrity, and these hearts are for you.

Mike: Boy, I can’t wait to see the look on Sulley’s face. I gotta tell him about this.

Chapter 4: Laugh Power

Chapter 4-1: Mike and Yesss head back to the City Power Plant, only to find the monsters running out in a panic.

Chapter 4-2: One of the monsters tells the two that creeps have attacked from the inside.

Chapter 4-3: Sulley stayed inside to fight off the creeps, but there were too many of them.

Chapter 4-4: Mike rolls his way through the creeps, while Yesss fires hearts at the creeps.

Chapter 4-5: With the creeps distracted, Sulley roars so loud it scares all the creeps away.

Sulley: Thanks, Mike. We were filling up our quota for today when the creeps started purging the canisters.

Mike: Don’t thank me yet Sulley. Thank Yesss for now, she might be the answer to bringing in some new laughs.

Sulley: Oh, was this what you meant by taking your laughs to a new level?

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Yesss: You tried to be scary before? You don’t look scary.

Mike: I was, scary with making it to the top!

Yesss: Yeah, sure. Whatever you say.

Chapter 5: BuzzzTube Sensation

Chapter 5-1: Yesss suggests that they head back to BuzzzTube for more ideas.

Chapter 5-2: Mike comes up with an idea, buts its a two-man act.

Chapter 5-3: Fortunately, Mike just the person to turn to.

Chapter 5-4: Yesss and Mike head to the City Comedy Club to find the Genie.

Chapter 5-5: In the green room, they find Genie getting ready for his next act.

Genie: Mike! Just the friend I was looking for.

Mike: Genie, same here buddy. Two-man act as well?

Genie: How did you know?

Yesss: Just a hunch.

Chapter 6: Double the Friends

Chapter 6-1: Mike explains his act to the Genie.

Chapter 6-2: Genie also explains his to Mike, they soon realize they had the same idea.

Chapter 6-3: Yesss gets the stage set up for the act, only to find creeps crashing the club.

Chapter 6-4: She quickly disputes the creeps while Genie and Mike get their act ready.

Chapter 6-5: Mike and Genie get on stage to be ready for their act.

Yesss: So, what do you boys got in mind?

Genie: Well, I’m going to transform Mike into various objects.

Mike: While I add in the punchline, that’ll bring in some more laughs.

Yesss: Genius, Mike, good thinking. Now let’s get this show started!

Chapter 7: Friends Like Us

Chapter 7-1: The City Comedy Club is a full house as Genie and Mike get ready for their act.

Chapter 7-2: Genie transforms Mike into many animals and objects from an elephant to a little wind-up toy.

Chapter 7-3: Mike decides to pull a final punchline when Genie temporarily turns him into a genie.

Chapter 7-4: But just when they finish their act, they hear banging on the doors.

Chapter 7-5: Before anyone could answer, creeps come bursting into the Comedy Club!

Yesss: Uh-oh, looks like we got ourselves a battle here.

Mike: Guess those laughs will have to wait?

Yesss: Yep. Why do you hesitate?

Mike: It’s just, I’ve been working so hard on these new laugh techniques. I don’t think me fighting creeps is going to make me look funny.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Mike: So Yesss, what happens if a video doesn’t get enough hearts?

Yesss: Nothing, it’s just not trending.

Mike: Really? I thought it would get demoted.

Chapter 8: The Power of Hearts

Chapter 8-1: Mike unleashes a sonic belch on the creeps, while Yesss throws hearts.

Chapter 8-2: When the creeps are gone Yesss gets the video uploaded.

Chapter 8-3: The next day, Yesss and Mike realized they left the camera recording during the creep battle at the Comedy Club.

Chapter 8-4: They rush to their video and see the suspenseful results.

Chapter 8-5: But to their surprise, the video has a massive heart flow, both from the laughs and the creep battle.

Yesss: Now this is the best heart flow I’ve seen.

Mike: Wow, who would’ve known they enjoyed me when I fought creeps.

Yesss: You, Mr. Wazowski are a BuzzzTube legend!

Mike: let me guess, more hearts for me?

Yesss: You betcha. Here you are, these hearts are for you.

Campaign “Streets of Laughter” complete.

“Buzzzworthy” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy

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