You are trending!


2 star, frontline support

“Ha! That is what the internet was made for!”

The head of Buzztube who trends allies and dislikes enemies


Entrance: yesss walks into the battlefield with her phone

Victory: yesss does a cheerful dance

Defeat: yesss gets mad and crosses her arms

Basic attack: see passive


White: now trending

Passive: yesss uses two attacks depending on who yesss sees a video of her allies or her enemies

If it’s a ally, yesss gives that ally 2 stacks of “hearts” which makes charms less effective towards that ally per stack of “hearts” that each ally has (they can only have 6 stacks of “hearts”).

If she sees one of the enemies on her phone, yesss gets a digusted look her face and gives that enemy a thumbs down which prevents that enemy from using their white skill the first time the meter fills up.

Active: yess heals all allies per stack of “hearts” they have when yesss activates the move but she decreases the armor from enemies effected by being disliked by yesss.

Green: a million views

Yesss throws 3 hearts at the ally who caused the most damage to enemies which gives that ally 3 stacks of “hearts” and cleanses debuffs from that ally as well.

Blue: drinks on the house

Yesss pulls out a drink and drinks it which heals herself for x amount.

Purple: earning hearts

Allies with stacks of “hearts” now gain a short charm immunity when yesss uses “now trending” which lasts 4 seconds.

Red: top of the buzz

Yesss now heals herself for every ally she gives stacks of “hearts” to.

Enemies with “thumbs downs” are now unable to gain buffs until it wears off


Arcade showcase
defensive heals

Each time that yesss or an ally is healed, they gain a shield for x amount which lasts for 7 seconds

Training video
stronger charm immunity

Yesss is now immune to charms for the first 4.5 seconds of each wave.


Love the idea

Wow 10/10 Cool

Looks great! Though it is kinda hard to see the skills color (white green blue etc) in future concepts can you add ** ** for the colors so it is easier to read?

But good concept.

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I love how you added skills e.t.c

That is what ever concept has

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