Your best friend (unlikely concept 7/10)

Flowey/asriel dreemur


3 star, backline damage

“why am I still doing this? Don’t you get it? This is all just a GAME.”

Flowey cold heartily attacks enemies with pellets and warfare in order to gain his true form


Entrance:flowey pops out of the ground.

Victory:flowey winks at the enemies.

Victory(as asriel dreemur):he shakes his head as he raises both his hands to both sides of his body.

Defeat:flowey gets a deranged look on his face and then turns into a lifeless flower

Defeat(as asriel):he crys as he transforms back into his original non-flower form

Basic attacks

flowey:throws “friendliness pellets” at the nearest enemies, deals x damage

Asriel:shoots out a magic fire from his hand, deals x damage


White:garden warfare/chaos blaster

Passive:flowey gains a stack of “soul” each time he defeats a enemy, flowey transforms into asriel dreemur when he gains 5 stacks of “soul”

This is what asriel dreemur looks like


Active:Flowey drops a bunch of nuclear bombs onto the enemies, dealing x damage to all enemies and deals continuous damage for 4 seconds.

when flowey transforms into asriel, he instead uses a powerful blaster that fires a charged beam at all enemies, dealing x damage to all enemies.

Green:scorched/star blazing

normal form:flowey uses a flamethrower to burn the nearest enemy, deals x damage to that enemy and deals continuous damage for 2 seconds.

asriel dreemur:asriel sends out a wave of stars at the enemies, dealing x damage to all enemies and silencing the two front most enemies for 3 seconds

Blue:draining vines/shocker breaker

As flowey:flowey captures the enemy with the most hp in a tangle of vines and drains their hp for 3 seconds in order to heal himself for x amount per second.

As asriel:asriel shocks the enemy with the most hp with a bolt of lightning, deals x damage and stuns the enemy for 2 seconds.

Purple:save file

“Draining vines” now reduces armor from the enemy that flowey catches with his vines.

Red:God of hyperdeath

asriels basic attack and “chaos blaster” now heal him for x amount when it kills a enemy

flowey gains a shield of x amount whenever he gains a stack of “soul”.


reset the world
rising armor

allies armor now increases gradually for the first 3.0 seconds of the round.

bound to fall
powerful stuns

The stun from “Shocker breaker” now lasts for 3 more seconds and can break shields.

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