Your Friendly Neighborhood Tax Collector

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The Sheriff Of Nottingham
:star: Front-line Control
Team: Yellow

“Well greetings from your friendly neighborhood tax collector”

The honorable Sheriff Of Nottingham does his duty to lock up those who refuse to pay up


Entrance: Walks in humming

Victory (Sheriff): Flips a coin and laughs

Victory (Vultures): Cheer

Defeat (Sherrif): Looks angry

Defeat (Vultures): Fly away


Basic Attack (Sheriff): Slashes enemies with his sword

Basic Attack (Trigger): Fires an arrow

Basic Attack (Nutsy): Slashes enemies with his axe

White Skill: Trusty Lookouts


Normal Damage :fist:
The Sheriff Of Nottingham calls for one of his guards, chosen by the player. While on auto, The Sheriff Of Nottingham will choose Trigger, then Nutsy. Each of the vultures will perform the following atttacks:

Trigger: Fires an arrow that ricochets between enemies for 8 seconds dealing X Damage, this also stuns the Most Wanted enemy for 7 seconds. Trigger when then moves to the back line and fights with The Sheriff Of Nottingham. Trigger has X HP.

Nutsy: Slashes the closest enemy with his axe, dealing X Damage and stunning them for 9 seconds. Nutsy then moves to the frontline and fights with The Sheriff Of Nottingham. Nutsy has X HP.

There can only be one vulture present at a time. If Trigger or Nutsy are already on the field when The Sheriff Of Nottingham uses Trusty Lookouts, the vultures is additionally resorted to full HP if the chosen vulture is already present.

Green Skill: High Treason


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
The Sheriff Of Nottingham puts a chain on the enemy who most recently damaged him, dealing X Damage to them and slowing their Movement Speed by 50% for 11 seconds.

Blue Skill: Arrest Warrant


The Sheriff Of Nottingham shows a wanted poster to a random enemy, removing 50% of their energy and gives it to himself.

The energy steal is less effective against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Doing My Duty


Normal Damage :fist:
Every 3 basic attacks remove 25% energy from the target and deal an additional X Damage.

Red Skill: Something Funny


Each time an enemy is sapped, The Sheriff Of Nottingham gains 150 energy. For every disabled enemy or ally, The Sheriff Of Nottingham gains 15% Attack and Movement Speed.

This is less effective when the source is above level X.

+X Skill Power
+Y Tenacity
+Z Max HP


The Sheriff Of Nottingham and Prince John
Campaign: Tax Day
Disk: Robin Hunt - The back-most ally receives 50% of the energy that Sheriff Of Nottingham receives from Arrest Warrant plus 10% per star
+X Basic Damage
Description: Sheriff Of Nottingham chase Robin Hood while collecting taxes from citizens.
Allies: Merida, Maui, Hades

The Sheriff Of Nottingham and Scrooge McDuck
Campaign: Number One Dime Hunt
Disk: Payday - All heroes start combat with 50 energy plus 50 energy per star
+X Max HP
Description: Scrooge is not willing to pay taxes until he finds his number one dime, so they must find it
Allies: Moana, Maleficent, Magica DeSpell

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