1.9.2 Known Issues


Here are some issues that we’re working on after the 1.9.2 update:

  • Dialogue missing from some Friend Walls.
  • Flynn’s Power Cleanse skill doesn’t clear Merlin’s Teacher’s Pet skill

This issue was resolved with the server update at 4:45 PM CT on May 14:

  • Some players are reporting getting stuck on the Mods advancement tutorial.

This issue was resolved with the server update at 11:25 AM CT on May 17:

  • There is increased lag and server issues on several servers. Was matchmaking was affected by this, but was restarted after the update.

The following issues will be resolved with the 1.9.3 update on May 20:

  • Woody’s Lasso skill is not pulling enemies to Woody.
  • Red dot notification is showing on Mods and won’t go away.
  • Lag/choppy play experience on Android devices.
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Anti Gravity Cage isn’t ending correctly.
  • Players not on server 2 can see some of the Collections pop up screens.
Is Woody Broken?
Heist issues
Bug desde la ultima actualizacion

This was from before the update, but Finnick’s Nick disk overrides maximum stamina in Invasion. It’s kinda fun to see him use his white 4 times in a row though :ok_hand:

EDIT: Just got stuck on the mod advancement tutorial, as Polaris said. Whoopee. I tried to hit X since I pressed the wrong mod, and it won’t respond.

EDIT #2: The daily quests I already finished today didn’t count for the “Weekly quest”

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Still no game update on Amazon app. Help


I don’t know if this is a bug, but after the update some of my Stitch-MH mission success rates went down. For example, two 100% dropped to 70-80% and two 65% dropped to around 30%.


Which server? If there was a team level cap increase, that can cause success rates to change.


+1 to @The_Eavesdropper point, is it possible for already completed daily quests today to count towards the weekly quest?

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Server 8. I don’t think we had an increase.



Force quit the game, and then choose a +0 mod to open for the tutorial to finish.

It’s expected that quests you complete before the update are not being counted for the weekly quests. In order to get the full rewards, you don’t have to do all the quests everyday, so you should be good if you play consistently until Monday.


All right, thanks!

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Please send in a ticket to support with the specific missions and they’ll have to take a look at the logs.


Ok it’s my first time doing a support ticket so do I go to support in the game and then click contact us?

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Open your account screen, and tap support. That will open the FAQs and you can contact us through a ticket.


all mods are +1 or higher already… ?? now what? That may not be true - all the mods i can find/remember are leveled up, but only 3 weeks in, so i’m fairly certain i checked em all.


We’re working on a better solution. It will probably need a server restart, so just hold tight for now!


Please look at maui’s Skills, they don’t have updated info for his white and purple skill and maybe missing info.


Am I the only one who faces short freezes after the update? The game lags in different menus, but never in fights. Playing on Asus, reloaded it twice, lags became shorter, but did not disappear :slightly_frowning_face:



I’m in server 11…

Woody’s Lasso with Woody-Jessie disc doesn’t pull the enemy closer anymore only it does stuns them. Need fix on this. Thank you


I’ve added Woody’s Lasso to the list. The team is looking into that.


Server update incoming in ~30 minutes to fix the Mods tutorial issue.


Thanks @Polaris You’re the champ!

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