Update 1.9.3 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.9.3

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.9.3 Update! This release features a number of bug fixes that surfaced after our 1.9.2 release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with crashes and lagginess experienced by some players after the 1.9.2 update.
  • Fixed an issue where Buzz Lightyear’s “Anti-Grav Cage” skill would capture an opponent indefinitely.
  • Fixed Friendship Mission success rates after some had mysteriously changed after the 1.9.2 update.
  • Fixed an issue where Woody’s “Lasso” skill wasn’t pulling the targeted opponent closer as designed.
  • Fixed an issue where the red dot for Mod advancent is too persistent.
    • The red dot will now disappear after you first look into the Mods tab of the Hero Items page.
  • Fixed a visual issue where, when some heroes have turned into a squirrel from Merlin’s “Teacher’s Pet” skill, their ability to heal over time shows more healing than is actually happening.
  • Fixed an issue where the Collections mastery window appeared on servers where Collections was not active.

We plan to release this patch on Monday, May 20.


Sad that we will have a weekend full of lags and bugs.
Well, but I can see the light in the tunnel - next Monday.


The update today should have fixed a bunch of the lag problems.

I get that feel :frowning: We have to build a new client, submit it, and wait for approval, so Monday is the earliest we’d be able to get it players.


Other than heist (thanks), I didn’t feel/spot any difference.


Hope we get compensated


Yeah, these issues really interfered with the start of the contest immediately putting all players behind. And you have players that dropped 500 diamonds yesterday on stamina only to have the stamina removed overnight. Thank you for jumping on it so quickly though

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Thanks for tackling this so quickly!!

I understand that it takes time, I cannot wait for my precious Woody to be fabulous again, as usual! :grin::wink:


No lagg diff after the update today. Heist still doing crazy.


We got rewarded but poorly


No. The same lagginess and glitching. In fact, feels even worse. This is terrible.


Sorry To hear that. image


The Daily Video is not working! I’ve restarted my phone already and I still can’t use it!

I’m assuming you know that Shank has a passive that ignores the first few damage against her from each hit. Which means if you are using heroes who deal low damage but attack many times, Shank may not actually lose HP. But if you can prove that your hits are stronger than the max she can negate, then yeah, Shank is bugged out. I can’t find anyone else complaining though. Breaker 48 is high, I havent gotten there yet, so I dont know.

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Shank is really hard to beat. Also hercules and kevin flynn can be a problem…the higher you come the harder it is. Its weird sometimes you can clear 5 to 6 stages and sometimes you have to weak them before start the actual fight…i would love when it wouldnt be that random…

And by the way, the buzz bug is super annoying…but lags doesnt affect me so i am fine so far👍

What about the grammatical error that I found?

Where’s the error there?


Para derrotar a Shank te suguiero que utilices a Sally puesto que con el disco de la ría Dalma se irán acumulando veneno ya que falten 10 segudos de pelea activa la habilidad blanca y listo seguro que la derrotas

You need to download the update?

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Server 16 heist is acting crazy as well zooming in on everything. Will be in one spot in the heist then next thing I know I’m redoing that same part


@pipsqueak,if you were wondering,issue is the sentence error is"Finnick I need your help"