1.9 Predictions


I am pretty good at predicting so here we go…
Mulan and Mushu will be added to the game. Mushu will only be available in the VIP crate on Servers 1-8(Possibly 9-12(Maybe even 13 too) as well). The Mad Hatter will be moved to the City Watch shop (Or Heist or War (Thank you @Sans_McCipher_Pines for pointing this out)) on all servers that currently have him in the VIP crate. Server 1 will get levels 111-115 as well as the next chapter, in the elite version Mulan will be available. Mulan will be in the diamond crate only (Or also in Heist or War shop(Or City Watch Shop)) on the servers that normally get characters first. One of the 2 new characters will be 3 star the other 2 star. Servers 14-18 will get random old characters. Mushu will give The Mad Hatter his second disk. Mulan will either receive a disk from Gaston or will give Gaston his Second Disk. Mulan and Mushu will have a friendship. Some of the characters who haven’t given 3rd disks yet will give the rest (Perhaps Moana or Sally?).

If it is not Mulan and Mushu it will be McQueen and Mater. Mater in the VIP crate and McQueen Elite Chapter 17/Diamond Crate/Maybe Heist or War shop(Or City Watch). Mater and Mad Hatter friendship perhaps?

However there is also a chance of no characters or 1 really random character like Jafar or Perry the Platypus. Perhaps even Oogie Boogie? (But it could also be Belle and Beast finally arriving(Or maybe just maybe it could be Dipper and Mabel!)).

Mulan 37% likely
Cars 21% likely
Random 1 off hero 22% likely
No character 11% likely
3 or more Characters from something 5% likely
Beauty and The Beast (Finally) 2.3% likely
Something Else Entirely 1.6% likely
Gravity Falls (As much as I want it) 0.1% likely

This is a prediction something that I used to do on games in the past. I always wait a while to find a pattern and then start posting predictions on appropriately on topic sites. I have an 85% success rate.

I will do this a little bit after every update. Additionally on the times that I am wrong (it does happen just not very often) I will make an additional post about friendship predictions.

Anywho. Thoughts and Friendship predictions?


1.9.1 Predictions

I also believe that Mulan will be part of the next update. I see Mushu more of a part of Mulan’s character, like how Sulley and Boo as one character. I can see Mulan and Mushu having friendships with Merida and Gaston. I think that Tigger will be this update’s sign-in hero, and he’ll probably have friendships with Scar, and either Dash, or The Mad Hatter.



I could definatley see Tigger as the May sign in.

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20 characters



1.9 will likely release sometime before April. For the. 1 Year anniversary of the game.

I think a weird but possible inclusion COULD be iron man and captain America for avengers endgame

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I sincerely hope NOT. If Marvel is added, I will get my guildies to join a guild of mine in another game.

Also, it may surprise some people, But I personally think Mushu could be a hero on his own. Tbh, it upsets me when someone is so basic that they assume Mushu has to go with Mulan. Mulan herself has enough skills without Mushu.

A couple ideas for Mushu:

He shoots a huge firework rocket like he did in number 1.

He bangs his cymbal loudly and either
A: silences the enemies
B: Summons the ancestors to attack for him.

Other ideas including him boosting stats through war messages and pep talks.

His friendships cpuld include one with Mike and one with a real fire user, most likely Hades.



Didn’t you say at one point you didn’t want/like Mushu because of Mulan 2? I agree though, he would make a fine addition, even if a tad small.



Cars seems a long shot because of the animation and the way they’ll have to bring the cars to life, also attacks will look the same every time but the other characters sounds more likely to happen :grinning:



Hmm, some good predictions.

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What if Mad Hatter is moved to war or heist shop

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Yes I did, however:

  1. He is already in the city as proved by Mike and Sulley’s friendship campaign.

  2. Most people want him with Mulan.

  3. Chances are, if Mulan is added, he will be as well.

  4. If he is gonna be added, it may as well be as his own character.

I do not really support him for the game, bit I think he will happen anyway, and when it does, I want him to be by himself.

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Where such confidence?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



@IGNASIO because this is not my first game to make predictions for and I’m pretty good at it.



… I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. And before people ask I labeled those 3 shops because they haven’t been changed in a long time.



Thank you @DroneIX.



Yeah I agree Mushu should be separate.



Before April? But it IS April.

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Well, sometimes this game goes unpredictable. I’ve never seen anyone exceptin Hercules as an April sign-in.
I always thought that predictions must be based on something. What’s the base for that one? Why Mulan? Cause we want her? Dude, we want her for months :joy:

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Where you able to predict any of the past 5/6 heroes? Link pls.



They will not add any Marvel or Star Wars characters since these are separate dedicated IPs which have their own games of a similar type.