4.3 Update Pushed Back

Hello everyone! Sad news to announce, but the 4.3 update will have to be pushed back as we still have not received approval from the app store. I’ll make another post once we have approval and the date for the update. It just won’t be tomorrow, 9/13.

Thank you all for your patience and make sure to keep calm!


Well there goes my fortify rewards. Guess I’ll keep banking resources and forgo the tier rewards this time. They’re kinda weak anyway so nothing is really lost :man_shrugging:

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turning-red-mei-lee (1)

The gap between release of Y19 and Y20 just got smaller :grimacing:
Still, would be good to have it before end of FTN.
But what to do, the issue is from the stores, not here. Oh well.


Aw man, that sucks :frowning_face: wanted to at least view her skills and everything, but I understand, this happens sometimes.

What do you mean it got delayed

Okay I will

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Could the team please think about not doing this @Loutre?
Instead keeping the 4 weeks (or even longer) between Y19 and Y20.
Thank you.


Okay, waiting on September 20 :watch:

Thanks anyway for your hard work @Loutre

Good, feel the monthly four weeks between color ranks are way too fast without more qol improvements on gold, badge costs, etc.

Again wish it was if campaign level was even then level increase, and if campaign level is odd then color increases. Separating them out and slowing it down would be great. (I know wishful thinking)


Well that’s just great

“Can I have 4.3?”
“Sorry, 4.3 machine broke.”


I think the last time it got delayed, it was just by a day, so maybe we’ll still get the update in time for the contest?

EDIT: Well, this comment ended up being completely off-base…

Thanks for letting us know, Loutre.

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Bagheera/Kaa update was delayed by whole week, but that was due to a bug, not stores.

Hopefully it is just one day.

No worries, the community would be calm, otherwise there be a horde of red pandas overrunning the company lol


Why do you guys implement updates this way? Why not submit to App Store with a release date in the future at a certain time? Submit to App Store today, for release next week say Tuesday at noon.

This way you can sync App Store release and server updates and not risk people getting locked out.

There’s nothing to download so how anyone could get locked out?

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I didn’t say there was. If they scheduled releases several days later they don’t have to sit here and wait for approvals. They know update is a certain scheduled date in the future and they tell us once it is approved and set.

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We submit on Friday’s with a plan to release on Tuesday, but unfortunately sometimes the app stores do not approve them in time even when we give them days in advance.

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