A grand unlikely concept (contest entry)

Wallace and gromit


2 star, backline damage

“Cheese gromit! We’ll go somewhere where there’s cheese!”

Trial team: yellow


Entrance: Wallace and gromit ride into the battlefield in their exterminator van then they hop out as the van dissapears

Victory: Wallace shakes his fists happily while gromit gives a thumbs up to the camera

Defeat: Wallace gets a shocked look on his face while gromit face palms

Basic attack: See passive


White: Mind-manipulation-O-matic

Passive: for their basic attack, Wallace eats a toast with jam on it, healing them for X amount, while gromit throws a cookie at the closest enemy, dealing X fantastic damage.

Active: Wallace puts the mind-manipulation-O-matic on his head and turns it on, then he manipulates the mind of the enemy that the player chooses to fight for him, this mind manipulation lasts for 15 seconds in which the manipulated enemy gains X HP and X armor until the manipulation wears off.

Green: Porridge shooter

gromit pulls out a mini-gun version of wallaces porridge gun then he shoots porridge at three random enemies, dealing X damage to each enemy, blinding them for 10 seconds and decreasing each enemies attack speed by 50% for 10 seconds.

Blue: Techno trousers

Every few seconds, the techno trousers walks through the battlefield, dealing X damage to each enemy it passes through and knocking each enemy back as well.

Purple: Cracking contraptions

Wallace and gromit heals for X amount for every second that an enemy is blinded by any source.

Red: Where there’s cheese

Wallace and gromit cleanses two debuffs off themselves each time that the techno trousers walks through the enemy team.

“Porridge shooter” deals X more damage to blinded enemies.
+X skill power
+X Max HP
+X damage to “porridge shooter”


Wallace and gromit/Honey lemon
Cracking reaction
increased blind duration

Wallace and gromit increases the duration of a blind by 5 seconds if a target enemy is already blinded by any source.

Wallace and gromit/Bunsen and beaker
Medal of eccentric inventing
crit immunity when given hardy

Wallace and gromit are now immune to crits for 2 seconds for every time that they gain a stack of hardy.

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