Hollywood Studios Concept Contest!

I might need the clear from the person in charge of the contest just in case.

Ok. Since others agree that I should allow you to change the friendship, it is ok with me.

I changed the Friendship, thanks!

Could it be? Why yes it is! It’s The Boy Who Lived!


Here’s my likely concept too.
150 Years - Crush Likely Concept


Here’s my unlikey entry for the contest!!

Wallace and gromit

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Here’s my concept on The Joker

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Here is my R2D2 concept.

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There’s a strange smell tonight. What is it? It almost smells like…Shere Khan.
Here’s my concept!

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Here’s mine. https://discourse.disneyheroesgame.com/t/fillmore-likely-concept/1413419?u=jackson_storm2.0

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Here’s my entry for likely, it’s Sam Eagle

Here’s my unlikely concept. That being Thor.

Here’s Bill Bootstrap Bill Turner

Here´s Mr Potato Head (ignore the spam in the coments)

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I did not think I would need to be saying this but please do not change the submissions of people that you are not. If you want to enter in the contest, make a new line. Please do not write over other’s submissions as well.

If more things like that with the wiki continue to happen, I will have to close them. If you are reading this, you have about a month to submit. Encourage others who have not joined in yet to enter!


Can you make a list of all the current submissions?

I will not be doing that today, but maybe later.

Ok. Do it whenever you can.

Here is my submission : The mayor's assistant. (Bellwether Hero Concept.)

Barbara Minerva (Cheetah) | Unlikely Concept

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