A message from the king (unlikely concept)

King George III

2 star, backline control

“You’re on your own, awesome wow!”

Oceans rise, empires fall, the king of England sends fully armed battalions to remind them of his love


Entrance: Messagers announce the arrival of the king and then king george III walks in wearing his outfit from “You’re on your own”

Victory: King George III dances in joy

Defeat: King George gets mad and points to the enemy team in rage

Basic attack: see passive


White: Fully-armed battalion

Passive: instead of a basic attack, King George III instead does his little dance from “you’ll be back” which decreases the effectiveness of debuffs towards himself by 30%

Active: King George III points to the frontmost enemy with his scepter, inflicting “taunt” onto the enemy and increasing the cooldown on all of the enemies skills by 5 seconds

Green: What comes next

King George III knows the next person in charge, this inflicts “taunt” onto the enemy with the highest evasion for 10 seconds. when an enemy is inflicted with taunt, all allies now target that enemy until the “taunt” wears off.

The enemy effected by “taunt” will suffer the same effects from “fully-armed battalion”

Blue: Mad king

When below 50% of his max HP, King George III insanely claps his hands and jumps up and down. This heals him for x amount while also scaring all enemies for 5 seconds.

Purple: When push comes to shove

If enemies are already scared by any source, they will instead get sapped and have their movement speed decreased by 60% for 5 seconds.

Red: Win the war

“What comes next” now decreases energy from the enemy inflicted with “taunt” by 50%

All attacks done to scared enemies are now increased by 40% when King George activates “Mad king”.
+X skill power
+X damage to “fully-armed battalion”
+X max HP


King George III/Queen of hearts
Kings and queens
increased health when ally is buffed
+X max HP
+X skill power

King George III now gains X max HP whenever an ally gains a buff of any kind.

King George III/Captain amelia
Battalion bound
sapping halves shields
+X damage to sapped enemies

When an enemy is sapped by king george or another ally while they have a shield, the shield gets halved by X amount.

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I don’t know if you intended this but a lot of this concept seems to have been copied from @Imagineer_V’s King George concept.

I do not have an issue with the quote and animations as much as the skills and the friendship. I want to assume that @C-train had no intentions of copying, but I work really hard on my concepts, so please change it. Next time, check to make sure that things are not copied from anyone.

Yeah, one time SOMEONE (who shall not be named right now) created a concept unwilling knowing some parts were taking from mine.


once again…I didn’t mean to copy other people’s concepts

And I changed up the concept alot so it would be alot different from your amazing concept!!

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