A Paragon shall Suffer no Fool

You should know what day it is……

Glaive Dominus

“The Bloons will look upon my Glaives, and they will know fear.”

Behold, the absolute boomerang dominant. A paragon of power, the Glaive Dominus shreds the battlefield of whatever comes close.

Stars: :star: :star: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Summoned, Paragon style
Victory: Punches the sky
Defeat: Begins to fade to dust
Attack: Shoots a glaive

White Skill: Charge Blast (Fantastic Damage)

Glaive Dominus fires a stream of Glaives at the front, dealing Y fantastic damage to enemies damaged. They then fire an explosive one at the middle most enemy, dealing Y True Damage to them and enemies nearby, and stunning them for 6 seconds. The impact also sends the Glaive Dominus to the back line.

Green Skill: Glaive Ring (Fantastic Damage)

3 Glaive surround Glaive Dominus, acting like a shield that has X HP that deals X damage to enemies while they’re close to Glaive Dominus.

When the shield is destroyed, the glavies begin to rip the enemy to shreds, dealing X damage over 12 seconds, and applying Shatter for 12 seconds.

Applying shatter has a chance to fail against enemies above level Z.

Blue Skill: MOAB Domination (Fantastic Damage)

Glaive Dominus fires a heavy glaive at the front most enemy, dealing X damage and knocking them all the way back, and dealing X damage to enemies they pass through. The Most Wanted enemy damage is snared for 12 seconds.

Purple Skill: Paragon Power

Every 3 Basic Attacks, Glaive Dominus gains Z Basic Damage and Z Skill Power for the rest of the wave.

Red Skill: Dominant Decadence

Glaive Dominus deals Z Bonus True Damage against Shattered or Snared enemies, and applies Shatter and Snare to enemies damaged every 3 basic attacks.

“Glaive Ring” now applies a shield to all allies. The Shield’s HP is increased by Z.

Applying Shatter and Snare has a chance to fail against enemies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Skill Power
+Z Reality

Friendship Disks

Glaive Dominus-Gizmoduck
Gear Shifty
Shatter Damage Spreads
+Z Basic Damage per Damage Role Ally
+Z Reality

  • Enemies nearby Shattered enemies take 17%/34%/51%/68%/85% of the damage the enemy with Shatter recieves.
  • Glaive Dominus heals for 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% of the damage dealt by Shatter.

Glaive Dominus-Timekeeper Cookie
Here Be Legends
Bonus Damage while Attack Speed Increased
+Z Max HP
+Z Skill Power
+Z Armor

  • Glaive Dominus deals 25%/50%/75%/100%/125% more damage with skills and basic attacks while their attack or movement speed is increased.

Requirement to Charge: 5 Skills are Performed
Stat Buff: +Z Skill Power
Lineup Based Buff: +Z Max HP per Red Team ally
Effect Buff: +125% Attack Speed for the rest of the wave

Last years B-Day Concept: Dino-mite! (Surprise-ish Concept)


Happy Birthday, @Tragic-Magic

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