A Public Apology

Recently i have made a thread about having an autistic disney character which kind of spiraled out of control and can’t help but think that this is my fault. Most of you said no and being autistic person myself i guess i took it personally, a little too personally.

So, in light of recent event. I would like to say i’m sorry to those who were a part of that post, especially to you @Rothan_Edentide. I know you were just trying to protect them from being humilated. I just thought it was good idea and i took it a little too far. I just thought that no one is better suited to deal with such a topic more than disney.

But i am putting in end to it right here right now before it gets any worse. So, here is what i am going to do. To show you i bear no ill will, I am going to show you the character i have created and then you can decide for yourself if she is a good role model or not. I am not looking for any validation, all i ask at this point is for you all to hear me out.

Tera Ferma

Her name is Tera Ferma, she is little daughter of Mother Nature (9 to 12 years of age at best). She has certain qualities that put her on the autistic spectrum. She never goes anywhere without her green blanket and is frigtfully sensitive to loud noises. But, deslite her quirks and her shyness developed by her sheltered upbringing, she is gentle, friendly and kind. She has a strong belief that there is good in everyone.

For most of you, i understand if you don’t want to see her in a movie. I understand if you think she might cross boundaries that you think are not meant to be crossed. All i ask of you is to hear me and forgive me.


I think that is a good idea

There is no reason to apologize. Because you meant no harm. And yoiu were being nice but strongly believed in it. Which is fine. And Pixar or Dianey might make a movie about it someday. But I don’t think they could do it without offending people.

Who is diane

Typo my bad.

Really? You think so?

Yeah, it seems like a good character

You know, i don’t have Disney+. So, i haven’t seen Loop. Is it any good?

I enjoy it.

I just only ask for one thing. Don’t take this character from me please.

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So firstly I wish to say that if any part of my discussion hurt your emotions or feelings on this subject, I am sorry as it was not my intention to sound dismissive of your idea. That being said I also don’t feel an apology is necessary on your part. You are incredibly passionate about this subject which is a very good thing if handled properly and have the ability to remain level headed.

Personally I have had oppoturnities to speak at charity events and share my own story of life and death and struggles that were helped by said charity. There have been moments where I will admit to letting emotion get the better of me and behave in a uncharacteristically aggressive manner. When you have something that you wish the best of it can lead down a dangerous path of alienating those who otherwise might be sympathetic to your cause because of how much you hammer it down someone’s throat.

Your character I can imagine being a great role model for kids on the spectrum and I imagine it also resembles how autism manifested for yourself. We are able to make better characters if there is a point of resonance for the creator. I think if Disney wanted to do so they would have done so already or are waiting for the best inspiration to come around. Personally I could see them doing an animated movie of a kids imagination that a higher up has and base it on a real child with autism to avoid stereotypes with a completely original character.

The main crux of your arguement that I personally took issue with was the idea that kids on the spectrum needed a character on the spectrum to resonate with and get motivation there instead of finding a resonance with a “normal” character. Normality is also a complete fallacy as one person’s normal is entirely different to another’s. However, one good thing that could come from it is also the inverse, a “normal” kid finding resonance with a character on the spectrum, which could spark discussions for the kid of “How can I help people like that?”

The biggest take away I hope we can gleam from all of this is the idea that just because an idea is filled with good intentions we must be painfully aware of how bad it could go and understand that it’s not a slight to the concept but a fact of the reality that could be brought about if such concept is poorly executed.

So what do you say. Truce?:v:




It is not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong.

I feel now that I may have come off as bossy I don’t do a lot of things with a serious hate or even a serious anything really I casually said my opinion I respect your opinion but I was just thinkI got about how this could hurt Disney and if it was bad enough it could hurt people with autism but maybe I was wrong if anyone could pull it off it would be Disney but the movie would have to be good (good as in it had a good plot and characters) and it would have to not be made only to make someone autistic in it because If the only purpose of the main character Was to have autism it would make the hole movie about how they have autism which would make it hard for the character to do Important things making autistic people (and Disney) look very bad. Although I believe this I think your character is extremely good and has the makings of a Disney classic.

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Are you sure none of you will steal my idea? :worried::worried::worried:

Dude no offense but idea stealing is kind of my thing.no hard feelings bro

Btw what do u mean autistic?I would be interested In a concept about this.trust me bro.u are on the path to glory.

Don’t take it! Don’t take it! PLEASE i beg of you, don’t take it!:worried::worried::worried::worried::worried::worried:

No one will take it. Because it is not special enough to take.

Your good.

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