A question about gold

A question. When are you going to get a decent source of gold? hiring a mercenary, evolving badges, and evolving skills spend gold nonsense. The only decent Surge was the outbreak and it got much worse. Before, I managed an average of 12M today, I don’t spend more than 7M. I’m a player who can’t purchase packages.

Here is the example of 1 only 1 badge and neither was v10 was v7


PB needs to revisit the gold costs… but they also need to revisit a lot of things, especially as the game adds more heroew, new ranks and new badges.


@Polaris, this is what I mean by excess gold cost in crafting badges!!! I still can’t understand why we need to spend gold for this???

And if you guys tell us that, we earn gold from doing Campaigns, then pls, waive that as well! I doubt 2k gold from completing 1 campaign fight will help me much (or at all!) anyways


yeah, using a double campaign gold item used to provide enough incoming gold to cover the cost of crafting over a raiding / ranking up session.

It no longer does :frowning_face:


The whole game needs to be revamped. Most mobile games, you earn a ton of in game currency cause it’s not the “special” currency (in this case, diamonds). This is the only game I’ve ever played where they gip you in every single aspect of the game.

They actually raised the amount of gold cost for badges in an update a long time ago, and then that same day put out a “deal” to buy gold.

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As in, a certain badge which used to cost 5000 gold to craft suddenly cost 6000 gold? Or as in newer badges costing a lot more than existing badges?

@Jody_Caviness A “little” bit bigger of an increase on gold than that, such as a badge that used to cost 250,000 to craft costing a million. Plus new red badges needing plus of 2 million is Just insane, given the amount of gold we can earn on a daily basis

Both, Jody. Both. Have you not paid attention to the game the last 2 years? They said in an update there were “too many” people hoarding gold and XP drinks so the amount needed for heroes and badges went up on both. Existing badges and new badges. And I don’t mean they went up by just a few coin. No, they went up several thousand. Why should an orange or red badge that I have 100% of pieces for cost 1.5 million coins?

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AFAIK the cost to craft existing badges in the game has never been changed - @Polaris can probably confirm this

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Go far enough back in the patch notes and I promise you, you will find it. I remember my entire guild logging into the game that day and being mad about how high they inflated the cost.

Cost to upgrade skills and badges went up.

Yes, in the patch notes for 1.7 from January of last year, under Economy Adjustments, Polaris mentioned PerBlue increasing the costs to level up heroes and their skills starting at level 85, even though the older servers were at level 100 at that point. A move that unfairly benefited the whales who had already leveled up most of their heroes to 100 and were engaging in the hoarding that inspired the change, IMHO.

Nothing was mentioned about increasing the cost of crafting existing badges, though. Nor have I seen anything about increasing badge crafting costs in any subsequent patch notes, and while there have been many (justified) complaints about how the costs to craft badges keep rising for each new badge, I haven’t seen any complaints about the costs going up for already-existing badges. Could you please point me to one of the posts I’ve missed discussing the issue?


@Pipsqueak It was never something that needed to be announced because it was already noticed. Yes some lower badges still do cost the same as they did when game launched or when they were released. But the new badges are the ones that are continuously increasing in price of gold with each update.

I’ll point you into the game. If you’ve been crafting badges regularly from day 1 then you’ll see that certain badges used to cost a set amount and went up after that update. It may not have been directly mentioned but it was definitely increased.

Your little buddy Polaris even admitted that they forget to add some things to patch notes so the badge increase not being found in patch notes means nothing. Go back and look at the blue and orange badges. If you remember how much they used to cost, you’ll see they def cost more now. Not all of them, but a good portion. I’m not the only one on here claiming this increase so that should tell you something.

Memory can be faulty. I’m not asking you to point out where it was mentioned they were increasing existing badge crafting costs in patch notes, I’m asking you to point out posts where people complained about it happening. I just want to see comments from people noticing it shortly after it happened, rather than people remembering that such-and-such a badge used to cost 250,000 gold to craft several months ago, but now costs one million gold.

Lol oooh Lord honey. Give me a few minutes to find them all, cause there’s 2 years worth of complaints on here.

Ok here’s only just a few. Not only complaining about the coin cost but stamina cost as well. It wouldn’t let me quote for some reason so I decided to add which section you could find these complaints. But it has the name of the person who posted it and the date.

Fairly recent as you can see.


Jan '19

Yes but then why so much grinding for those, they can make those badges be individual instead of collection of 10 other important purple badges. The grind for collecting 50 bits for either 1 purple or orange is already horrendous. Atleast reduce it.

From update 1.7.


May 7

I don’t know if it’s just me but the cost for crafting badges is getting more and more ridiculous. And it’s not like we have gold to spare. We dont even have enough of it for our main team’s skills

For 1 single Red Badge, we need million of gold. And of course, the gold we earn from campaign is never enough. They are pitiful. So, please, @Polaris, could you guys consider removing badge-crafting cost**? Just like what you did with raid tickets. Thank you for your time

From “Badge Crafting Cost” in the feedback corner




Badge-Stamina Cost Solutions

As we continue to have the game expand, I was wondering if there has been any thoughts on a system that could be implemented to reduce the stamina costs of red badges that end up causing players to burn out? It’s really tough to see players that enjoy and love this game get burned out because of the increasing grind and stamina costs as the game ages. I brainstormed a couple ideas to help solve this issue.

A couple of solutions that could be implemented:

Solution 1: Cost reduction each time the same badge is crafted

• Reduce the cost of the badge after each time the user crafts the badge

• For example:

1st time creating a specific badge costs 5,000 stamina

2nd time creating the same badge costs 2,500 stamina

3rd time creating the same badge costs 2,000 stamina

4th time creating the same badge costs 1,500 stamina

5th and more time creating the badge costs 1,000 stamina

Solution 2: Create “Badge Blueprint Crates” Allow for “Badge Blueprints” to be earned for certain high level badges which grant a significant cost reduction in terms of materials.

• Players could earn Badge Blueprints for specific badges through “Badge Blueprint Chests” that are rewarded similarly to cosmetic crates.

• Badge Blueprints allow for the crafting of badges at a portion of the materials that it would normally cost such as 10% of the cost, once that blueprint is obtained

• Badge blueprint crates could be rewarded in contests

Solution 3: Allow for the Upgrading of Campaign Level Map Nodes with “Campaign Node Gems” to increase level rewards

• Develop a system where you could “upgrade” certain levels on the map

• For Example:

Upgrading Chapter 20.1 node with a “Campaign Node Gem” would increase the campaign level and its rewards by 5x each time the level was upgraded up to a maximum of 50x (Level 10) by investing 10 Campaign Node Gem.

Campaign Node Gems would only be able to be used on a specific map level so players would have to choose wisely which levels they would want to upgrade the rewards for.

Campaign Node Gems could be rewarded in contests or as special offers

From “Badge Stamina cost solutions” in the feedback corner


There’s plenty more where this came from. I’ll be happy to pull up two years of gold and stamina complaints if you really need it.

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Those are complaints about new badges costing too much in terms of gold and stamina. I’ve already said I know about that and agree it’s too expensive. What I’m looking for are complaints about the costs of existing badges going up. If those costs quadrupled for a bunch of existing badges after an update, surely there were people who noticed and complained about it in the forums. Maybe one of your old guildmates posted a complaint at the time, and could track that down for you.

You know what? If you want the proof so bad why don’t you go back and find it yourself? We are not your little forum slaves. I know the posts are there cause I saw them myself. Go find some key words and type them into the search bar. If you’re too lazy to do that then stop replying. Recent or not, PEOPLE HAVE NOTICED THE COST WENT UP

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