A reworked Yesss Concept

Dear Forumers!
Maybe you’ve read my Yesss Concept here: My hero concepts starting with Yesss
It wasn’t “bad” but it was my first Concept and now I know how to do it better. So enjoy the new version with fixed Skills, Disks, etc.

It will be published today evening or tomorrow.

Ooooh, I’m excited!

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Great to hear that!


Yesss is a 2-star, Frontline, Tank Hero
Trial Team: blue
Quote: I love it!
Description: Yesss is the algorithm of BuzzTube and fights evil with cleverness and her technical know-how.
Appear: walks to her position
Victory: Hearts come out of her mobile phone and fly around her.
Defeat: throws her mobile phone on the ground angrily
Basic Attack: does something on her mobile phone dealing X damage


White: That’s what the Internet was made for
Yesss dances giving 300 Energy to each allie and increasing their armor and reality by X.

Green: Someone gimme Tech Support
Yesss asks for tech support healing herself with X HP and studying all enemies.

Blue: Hearts, Hearts, Hearts
Hearts fly out of Yesss’ mobile phone and charm the closest enemy for twelve seconds.
Charming can fail if the enemy is above Level X.

Purple: Internet Star
Yesss becomes invincible for ten seconds with That’s what the Internet was made for
Invincibility can fail if Yesss is above Level X.

Red: Cool Internet
Yesss gains +100% Energy and Attack Speed if she has five allies.
This is less useful if Yesss’ allies are over Level X.

+X Damage dealt by Basic Attack
+X Max HP


Yesss/Miss Piggy
Trend Setter
Allies: Bo Peep, Minnie Mouse, Megara
Disk: Blue Dress
Shield for Control Heroes (Level)
Internet Star invincibility lasts one second longer (Star)

Saving Slaughter Race
Allies: Vanellope, Gizmoduck, Kevin Flynn
Disk: Programming Hero
Stronger Debuffs (Level)
Hearts, Hearts, Hearts charmes one second longer (Star)


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Look at the new Skill Icons!

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