A small, but overpowering villain

Arch Illager/Archie



Casted away by his village, powered by the Orb of Dominance, prepared with the most vicious army out there, The Arch Illager, also known as Archie, oversees his soldiers on the battlefield.

Stars: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Back
Trial Team: Yellow

Entrance: Teleports in
Victory: Spins his staff around (similar to Kida’s Victory)
Defeat: Gets angry and throws his staff down
Attack: See Passive

Pillager Raid
(Normal Damage)

Passive: Instead of having a standard basic attack, Archie summons an Illager to attack the enemy with its axe. They have X HP and deal Y damage with its basic attack. Archie will heal the Illager X HP every 3 seconds.

Active: Archie commands a pillager squad to fire a barrage of arrows at the enemies, dealing Y damage per arrow and X bonus damage per active buff on them. Archie can deal up to a max of X damage with this.

The Illager will also be summoned again at Full HP if it was KO’d in battle.

Sorcerer’s Enchantment

Archie will cast an enchantment on the ally with the least HP, healing them by 25% of their Max HP, increasing their attack speed and basic damage by 50%, and energizing them for 10 seconds. Allies energized this way gain 50 extra energy per basic attack.

Archie cannot use this on himself.

Sweet Revenge
(Fantastic Damage)

When the Vindicator is KO’d Archie will become mad and shoot 3 blast of darkness to the enemy that KO’d it, dealing X damage per blast and applying 3 stacks of Fatigue.

True Dominant

Archie gains Z skill power for every basic attack the Vindicator performs. This is reduced by 50% when carried from wave to wave.

The Punishment

Archie instead targets 2 other enemies with “Sweet Revenge” instead of only 1 enemy. The two other enemies Archie targets are the enemy with the most active buffs and the Most Wanted enemy. Enemies damaged by this skill also lose Z skill power for the rest of the wave.

The Vindictor stuns enemies damaged for 5 seconded every 3 times they land a crit. The Vindicator passively gains Z Normal Crit.

Stunning enemies has a chance to fail if they’re above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts
+Z Max HP to Archie and the Vindicator
+Z Basic Damage to the Vindicator
+Z Skill Power

Friendship Disks

Archie-Dr Facilier
Friends Of The End
Stun Enemies with Precise
+Z Reality to the Vindicator
+Z Armor
• Enemies with precise that are damaged by “Pillager Raid” or “Sweet Revenge” will be stunned for 5/7/9/11/13 seconds.
• +25/50/75/100/125 Evasion

Archie-Dark Enchantress
Flip The Manuscript
”Pillager Raid” Distracts; Distracted Enemies Take More Damage
+Z Basic Damage
• The Vindicator removes Z armor from the enemy per basic attack, stacking each time.
• When Archie uses “Pillager Raid”, The Vindicator distracts all enemies for 7 seconds.
• Distracts enemies take 12%/24%/36%/48%/60% more damage from all sources.

Requirement to change: 3 Enemies are KO’d
Stat Buff: +Z Max HP
Lineup Based Buff: +Basic Damage per Red team ally
Effect Buff: 6 Seconds of Invincibility

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