Not Rags, Cookie!

Licorice Cookie

“It is unwise to get in my way….hehe!”

As a servant to Dark Enchantress, Licorice Cookie will surely make a quick one out of this. His servants are adapted to any enemy role.

Stars: :star: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Middle
Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Carried by his pet Bat-Cat
Victory: Starts to pet Bat-Cat
Defeat: Gets angry and tries escape, but trips on his own cloak
Attack: Slashes with his scythe

Essence of Servanthood (Fantastic Damage)

Licorice will summon Licorice minions based on the role of the enemy that last used their skill.

  • Tank: A Licorice Giant will start trudging through the enemies, dealing X damage and stunning them for 8 seconds if they receive more than 15% of their Max HP in a single hit.

  • Damage: Three Licorice Chargers will strike 3 random enemies in a quick succession, dealing Y damage per strike.

  • Support: Three Licorice Potion Keepers will throw healing potions at Licorice Cookie, healing him X HP per potion.

  • Control: Three Licorice Bombers will rush into the enemy lines and blow up, dealing Y damage and blinding enemies for 7 seconds.

Revealing Moment (Fantastic Damage)

Licorice will call upon his pet Bat-Cat to reveal any hidden enemies. Bat-Cat will use echolocation at the enemies, dealing X damage and silencing them for 10 seconds. Invisible enemies will have their invisibility removed, receive 200% bonus damage, and silenced for 12 seconds longer.

This is what Bat-Cat looks like:


Hit Em Where It Hurts (Fantastic Damage)

When Licorice Cookie crits an enemy, he will deal Y bonus damage and reduce their tenacity and evasion by 50% for 12 seconds. This effect triggers every 5 seconds.

Obedient Minions

The Licorice Servants deal 100% more damage to the enemy with the role that they were summoned by. The Potion Keepers heal 50% more HP per Support Role enemy.

These effects are reduced against enemies above level Z.

Part Of The Plan

Everytime Licorice or an ally uses their active skill, the entire team receives Z basic damage for the rest of the wave. Licorice carries 50% of this buff between waves.

Disabled enemies lose Z reality for the rest of the wave, and tenacity/evasion debuffs cannot be removed from any source. Any enemy that has their debuffs cleansed will be stunned for 12 seconds.

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Bonus Damage to “Hit Em Where It Hurts”
+Z Skill Power
+Z Reality

Friendship Disks

Minion Out Of Me
Servants Buff Allies
+Z Armor to Licorice and Control role enemies
Support and Control role heroes on team gain Z Skill Power

  • Potion Keepers additional heal allies for 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% of what they heal to Licorice Cookie
  • 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% of damage dealt by “Essence of Servanthood” is given to allies as bonus Basic Damage

Licorice-Arch Illager
Follow My Command
Instant “Revealing Moment” at each wave
+Z Damage to “Revealing Moment”
+Z Basic Damage

  • “Revealing Moment” will be used first
  • Invisible, Invincible, and Berserk enemies will also be sapped when damaged by “Revealing Moment” for 3/6/9/12/15 seconds.

Requirement to Charge: 3 Active Skills have been used
Stat Buff: +Z Max HP
Lineup Based Buff: +Z Skill Power per Red Team ally
Effect Buff: 7 seconds of invisibility


Yes, there is another concept coming tomorrow!

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I…love…this…character and this is a really good concept!!

Also…I love how his english voice actor for kingdoms literally gave this dude a semi-goofy voice

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