A Spider waiting for kill: Cruella de Vil Concept!

This is the newest Concept of mine and also my Halloween Concept! The best Disney Villain ever: Cruella de Vil! I hope you people like it! Please leave all comments and post your favorite villain.

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil is a 2-star, Backline, Control Hero
Trial Team: red
Quote: I live for fur!
Description: This evil and cruel woman loves fur more than anything and she defeats her enemies with her non-existant driving abilities.
Appear: Green Skill
Victory: Cruella de Vil hugs her fur
Defeat: Cruella de Vil shouts at the enemies angrily
Basic Attack: passive


White: Cloud of Smoke
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage
Passive: Instead of a Basic Attack Cruella de Vil applies one Stack of Smoke to an enemy. Enemies take X Extra Damage from all sources per Stack of Smoke they have and are slowed by 50% for five seconds when they use their active skill.

Active: Cruella de Vil consumes all Stacks of Smoke blows a poisonous cloud of smoke on the battlefield that passes the enemies and deals X damage over five seconds to them.
Enemies with a Stack of Smoke take 100% more damage from this Skill.

Green: Mad Driver
:fist:Normal Damage
In the beginning of each wave Cruella de Vil drives her car through the enemies dealing X damage to all enemies and knocking them back. The three frontmost enemies are stunned for seven seconds and 25% of their Armor is stolen for ten seconds.
Cruella de Vil is untargetable while using this skill.

Blue: Important Call
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage
Cruella de Vil takes off the telephone and cries in it silencing the three frontmost enemies for ten seconds, then throws it in the middle of the enemies dealing X damage to all and X Extra Damage to enemies with a Stack of Smoke.
The Silence has a chance to fail against enemies above Level X.

Purple: Chainsmoker
Every third Stack of Smoke now steals X Armor and Y Max HP from the enemy and gives it to Cruella de Vil.

Red: Fur Lover
A Stack of Smoke now has a 50% chance to remove a Stack of Hardy from the enemy.

Cruella de Vil heals with X HP per second for each Stack of Smoke on enemies.

+X Max HP
+X Reality
+X damage over time dealt by Cloud of Smoke


Cruella de Vil/Yzma
Divas of Darkness
Allies: Evil Queen, Randall Boggs, Rapunzel
Disk: Bad never looked so good
Important Call deals X additional damage per Level to enemies with debuffs
Enemies are dealt 30% (+5% per Star) of their Max HP over five seconds with Important Call

Cruella de Vil/Beast
New Material for Furs
Allies: Sulley and Boo, Finnick, Tigger
Disk: Also in Medium?
+X Max HP to Cruella de Vil and all Control allies per Level
+X Reality to Cruella de Vil and all Tank allies per Level
Cloud of Smoke now blinds enemies for five seconds (+1 second per Star)


Please post all suggestions!
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Great job as always Minnie,

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