Alice Green (Hero Concept)

Alice Green (from Big City Greens)
Description: Alice may be old but that doesn’t mean she can’t assist with the battle against the creeps
Quote:”Show yourselves, bandits!”
Stars: one
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Alice will be in the battle field already shaking her cane angrily at enemies
Victory: Alice will plant her sword triumphantly into the ground
Death: Alice will drop her cane and cross her arms
Role: Frontline Damage


Basic attack: Alice will hit the enemy with her cane

White skill: Hot Rod Alice: Fantastic damage
Alice will drive the green family tractor though the enemy line dealing X damage

Green Skill: Get off my lawn!
Alice will wave her cane and shout at the enemy silencing them

Blue skill: PAYBACK: True Damage
When one of Alice’s allies die, she will attack the enemy that gave the final blow with her sword dealing X damage

Purple skill: Nice and Quite
Alice will deal 30% more damage to silenced enemies

Red skill: Green Family Trial
If Alice is the only one left on the players line up, she will gain invincibility for 10 seconds and attack up and attack speed up for 10 seconds


Alice Green and Bill Green
Disk: Parking Problem
Alice can knock back enemies with “PAYBACK”
Alice and Bill can’t find a parking spot but they have to deal with creeps at the same time
Allies: Duke Caboom Chip and Dale Mickey Mouse

Alice Green and Carl Fredricksen
Disk: Peace and quite
“Get off my lawn!” can now stun enemies
Carl and Alice try to have a quiet day but are bothered by the creeps
Allies: Russle and Kevin Bolt Hewy Dewy and Louie

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