Bill Green (Hero Concept)

Bill Green (From Big City Greens)
Description: This humble farmer will naturally grow his crops in the battle field, helping his allies
Quote: “Kids help Dad out.”
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Bill will walk in with his vegetable basket (changes at blue skill)
Victory: Bill will grab a tomato from his basket and then he kisses it
Death: Bill will drop his basket and then panic
Position: Frontline Support


Basic Attack: He will throw one of his vegetables to the ally with the least health healing them for X HP

White skill: Award winning Pumpkin: fantastic damage
Bill’s pumpkin will fall on top of the enemy line dealing X damage and healing allies for X health

Green skill: Live, Laugh, Love
Bill will encourage the the weakest ally giving them attack up and invincibility for 5 seconds

Blue skill: Gymnastic Bill: fantastic damage
Bill will enter each wave by diving in a pirouette position dealing X damage

Purple skill: Fits the Bill
Bill will always heal his allies at the start of each wave

Red skill: Humble Farmer
Bill always has Tooned up he can give it to other allies when “Award Winning Pumpkin” is used


Bill Green and Tilly Green
Disk: Little Bill
Bill will also heal himself with his basic attack
Tilly wants to try and be like her Dad Bill leading to her following him around the city
Allies: Linguine and Remy Wall•E Pacha

Bill Green and EVE
Disk: Plant based
Bill can stun enemies with “Award Winning Pumpkin”
Bill runs into EVE and notices she has a rather artificial view on plants so he tries to show her the beauty of them
Allies: Wall•E Colette Bo Peep

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