Ariel Concept (#19)


Description: Perched up on her rock, Ariel with the help of her sea friends, helps heal her allies whilst weakening the enemyline.

Quote: “I don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.”

Role: Support
Position: Front
Team: Blue


Basic Attack:
-Passive- Instead of attacking, Ariel sings a note healing her for X HP.

Entrance: Ariel jumps onto her rock and flounder emerges from the water.

Victory: Flounder jumps in joy as Ariel smiles.

Defeat: Ariel defeated, falls off her rock while flounder frowns.


White Skill:
“Thingamabob Discovery”
Scuttle flies into the arena and comes with one of three random items:

Profile_-_Scuttle Dinglehopper: Scuttle flies through the arena with a “dinglehopper” dealing X damage to all enemies. (Damage Type: Normal)
Scuttle_in_The_Little_Mermaid Telescope: Scuttle drops a telescope next to the allies causing them to be precise for 12 seconds.
PW9 Thingamabob Box: Scuttle drops a box of thingamabobs in the ally line giving them 200 energy.

Green Skill:
“Don’t Be Such a Guppy”
Flounder taunts the closest three enemies by sticking out his tongue reducing their skill power by 20%. The damage reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill:
“Wave Smash”
A wave emerges from Ariel’s perch and smashes into the closest enemy dealing X damage and knocking them back.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Purple Skill:
“Siren’s Call”
Every three notes of music, Ariel heals her allies by X HP as well as adding a stack of hardy.

Red Skill:
“Part of Your World”
When Scuttle brings in his “Dinglehopper” during Thingamabob Discovery, the enemies will lose two buffs. Wave Smash will also give her allies a shield with X HP that lasts for 14 seconds.

  • +X Skill Damage
  • +X Healing
  • +X Basic Damage



Disk Name: “Voice of Sirens”
Disk Effect: Flounder Removes Energy

Other Effects:

  1. Flounder removes 400 energy when using Don’t Be Such a Guppy (+20 energy per star level)
  2. +X Skill Power
  3. +X Healing

Campaign: (Ursula rigs a singing competition to tire out Ariel in order to steal her voice more effectively).
Allies: Elsa, John Silver, Yzma

Gerald, Marlin and Nemo


Disk Name: “Fishy Friends”
Disk Effect: Wave Smash now Cleanses Allies

Other Effects:

  1. Every time Ariel uses Wave Smash, all allies are cleansed of all debuffs
  2. Allies gain 10 more evasion every time Wave Smash is used. (+15 evasion per star level
  3. +X Skill Power

Campaign: (In order to help Flounder with his bravery, Ariel insists in the help of Nemo, to inspire flounder).
Allies: Hank & Dory, Tia Dalma, Rapunzel


This is pretty nice. We need more little mermaid characters to be added


Hi jieze welcome to the forums quick question are you in server 2 in a guild called WandaVision if so you will know me as hiro or you

@Dash_XXXIII @Jieze

Before you continue this conversation, may I suggest moving it to a PM or even the in-game chat so as to not stray too far away from the main topic of this post, being the concept?


Sebastian the crab may be good

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