Prince Eric Concept (#26)

Prince Eric

Description: A respected marine sailor with a line of royalty, Prince Eric and his dog Max work together to take out their enemies whilst entertaining their allies.

Quote: “Isn’t this great? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face. A perfect day to be at sea!”

Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Team: Blue


Basic Attack: Eric throws a harpoon at the closest enemy.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Entrance: Eric enters the arena via rope zipline, while Max runs into the fight.

Victory: Max happily jumps in excitement while Eric plays his flute.

Defeat: Max frowns, while Eric comforts him.


White Skill:
“Ramming Speed”
Eric moves back and swings through the enemy line through a rope, dealing X damage to all enemies, and increasing his crit chance.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Green Skill:
“Doggish Lick”
Eric points to the enemy with the most energy, and signals Max to run to the enemy. Max will then lick the enemy dealing X damage, and sapping them for 9 seconds. The sap will have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Blue Skill:
"Tune of the Flute”
Eric will pull out his flute and play for both Max and his allies. Allies will be energized for 8 seconds, and Eric’s crit chance is increased by 120.

Purple Skill:
“Seafearing Sailor”
For every 5 seconds of combat, Eric’s crit chance will increase by 10, and his basic damage is increased by X.

Red Skill:
“All Hands on Deck”
Tune of the Flute will now cleanse allies of all debuffs. Also, Eric will now be immune to all saps.

  • +X Damage from Crits
  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Basic Damage


Disk Name: “Kiss The Girl”
Disk Effect: Damage Over Time from Harpoons

Other Effects:

  1. Every second harpoon thrown by Eric will deal X damage overtime to enemies. (+X damage per star level
  2. +X Basic Damage
  3. +X Max HP

Campaign: (After the incident of the shipwreck back in his homeland and meeting his savior for the first time, Eric sets sail to try and find her assuming she’s also in the new world).
Allies: Hank & Dory, Kristoff & Sven, Marco Diaz

Will Turner

Disk Name: “A Cruel Warning”
Disk Effect: Doggish Lick Remove Buffs

Other Effects:

  1. Enemies licked by Max will now have one buff removed.
  2. Enemies will have their basic damaged reduced by X. (+X damage reduced per star level)
  3. +X Basic Damage

Campaign: (Prince Eric, on a stormy day, crashes his ship. After meeting a man whose skin was infested with barnacles, Eric follows his instructions to find and locate his son, Will Turner).
Allies: Davy Jones, Captain Hook, Abby & Runt

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