Ashley/Belle Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s Ashley’s second friendship campaign!

Campaign name: Lost Companions



Allies: Alice, Ducky and Bunny, Sally

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Ashley and Belle are now friends!

Ashley: You. Would this happen to be the city Library?

Belle: It is, how can I help you?

Ashley: I was wondering if you have any interesting books on magic.

Belle: I’ll see what I can find. Not many look for ones with magic.

Campaign Story: Ashley and Belle team up to find their companion friends.

Belle: Ashley! I’m glad I found you!

Ashley: * sigh * Just when I thought I was having fun. What do you want?

Belle: I need your help finding my friends Lumiere and Cogsworth. They’ve been gone all day.

Chapter 1: Object Search

Chapter 1-1: Ashley agrees to help Belle. Mostly because she has nothing better to do.

Chapter 1-2: Belle explains that she last saw them at the City Library.

Chapter 1-3: The two head to the library, but are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 1-4: They took care of the creeps with ease, but by the time they got to the Library, Lumiere and Cogsworth are nowhere there.

Chapter 1-5: That’s when Ashley realized something. She hasn’t seen Red all day either.

Belle: It’s very strange. How could our friends have all disappeared?

Ashley: There’s trouble brewing. I can feel it, and not the good kind.

Chapter 2: Finding the Fare

Chapter 2-1: Ashley suggests that they talk to Dribble and Spitz for their help.

Chapter 2-2: Along the way, they are stopped by creeps again.

Chapter 2-3: Ashley casts a hex on them, stunning them in their place.

Chapter 2-4: Belle quickly gets her father’s wood chopping machine as it shreds the creeps.

Chapter 2-5: By the time they reach Dribble and Spitz’s place, they’re nowhere to be found.

Ashley: That’s weird. They don’t usually leave without their cab.

Belle: You don’t think they were taken do you?

Ashley: A possibility. I believe I know someone who can be of assistance.

Chapter 3: Cat Hideaway

Chapter 3-1: Ashley suggests they go talk to the Cheshire Cat.

Chapter 3-2: Belle is skeptical that Ashley would go to him of all people.

Chapter 3-3: It took a few mind games but Ashley got the Cheshire Cat out of hiding.

Chapter 3-4: Belle explains the situation and asks if he can help them find their friends.

Chapter 3-5: Little did she know, she fell right into one of his mind games.

Cheshire Cat: Find who?

Belle: Red, Lumeire, and Cogsworth.

Ashley: And even Dribble and Spitz.

Cheshire Cat: Ah, yes. They were everywhere here. * points in many directions *

Ashley: She meant where you saw them last?

Cheshire Cat: Saw who?

Chapter 4: Ask Around

Chapter 4-1: Frustrated by the Cheshire Cat’s mind trick. Ashley storms out of Tulgey Wood.

Chapter 4-2: Belle was able to catch up to her, telling her that they can’t give up yet.

Chapter 4-3: Their next step was to ask around if anyone saw their friends.

Chapter 4-4: Most of the people they talked to ended up being dead ends.

Chapter 4-5: Belle decides to ask Lilo and Stitch if they saw their friends.

Lilo: A talking candlestick, a talking clock, a red demon, a talking dog, and a talking cat? Stitch have you seen them?

Stitch: No.

Stitch: But Stitch saw Bug Sack, chasing after demon.

Belle: Bug Sack? This has to be Oogie Boogie’s work.

Ashley: Oogie Boogie? Never heard of him.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Belle: So, what did you think of the book I sent you?

Ashley: It was… something. Though I would prefer something less sappy to read.

Chapter 5: The Oogie Boogie Man

Chapter 5-1: Belle explains to Ashley about Oogie Boogie.

Chapter 5-2: From what she learned from Jack Skellington, he likes to lure people into his casino-themed dungeon.

Chapter 5-3: He also never plays fair when it comes to betting.

Chapter 5-4: Ashley shrugs it off. She said she’s faced far more monstrous than him.

Chapter 5-5: Belle, nervous about Ashley’s statement, suggests they get Jack Skellington to help them.

Belle: Ashley, are you sure you can face him? I’d be comfortable if we got Jack to help us.

Ashley: Like I said. If I can take on Hum Gree. Oogie Boogie is child’s play.

Chapter 6: Pumpkin Call

Chapter 6-1: Ashley and Belle made it to Jack’s house. They explain the situation.

Chapter 6-2: Jack quickly agrees to help as soon as they mentioned Oogie Boogie.

Chapter 6-3: As they rush to Oogie Boogie’s lair they are stopped by creeps.

Chapter 6-4: Jack twists his face, scaring the creeps. It gives Ashley enough time to cast a hex on them.

Chapter 6-5: When they make it to Oogie Boogie’s lair, they could hear Red’s cries for help.

Ashley: I hear Red. Nobody gets to torment him but me.

Jack Skellington: Quickly, we must be quiet if we want to save them.

Belle: What’s the plan, Jack?

Chapter 7: What's Bugging You

Chapter 7-1: After Jack explains the plan, Ashley and Belle sneak in.

Chapter 7-2: Red quickly saw Ashley, but she motioned for him to be quiet.

Chapter 7-3: Jack makes his way down and he and Belle free their friends.

Chapter 7-4: Ashley uses her magic to get them out to safety, but she stays behind.

Chapter 7-5: She decides t teach the Boogie Man a lesson on messing with Red and her friends.

Oogie Boogie: What?! Now, what happened to my captives?

Ashley: Looking for them, Oogie? They’re gone. I helped them escape.

Oogie Boogie: What?! You trying to dupe me?!

Ashley: Please. Get on with it already.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Ashley: Your beastly friend’s rose sure is something.

Belle: You mean the enchanted rose? I wouldn’t go near it if I were you.

Ashley: Why not?

Belle: He’s pretty protective of it.

Chapter 8: Fighting a Nightmare

Chapter 8-1: As the others got out, Red and Belle realized Ashley stayed behind.

Chapter 8-2: Not wanting to leave his favorite witch behind, Red and Belle hurry back to save Ashley.

Chapter 8-3: They arrive back Just as Oogie Boogie has gotten ahold of Ashley.

Chapter 8-4: Belle grabs a stick and whacks Oogie Boogie from behind.

Chapter 8-5:Red transforms into a broom and they fly off. Leaving Oogie Boogie fuming in anger.

Red: Ashley! I’m so glad you saved me!

Ashley: I didn’t have a choice did I?

Belle: I’m just glad Lumiere and Cogsowrth are alright.

Ashley: That does make me curious. What did that potatoes sack want with them anyway?

Belle: It might be best you don’t know.

Campaign “Lost Companions” complete.

“Dark Readings” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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