Ashley/Ian Lightfoot Friendship Campaign Concept

Here is Ashley’s first friendship campaign!

Campaign Name: Magic Mayhem

Ashley/Ian Lightfoot


Allies: Ariel, Elsa, Barley Lightfoot

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Ashley and Ian are now friends!

Ian: Boombastia!

Ashley: Hmm. Impressive, what book did you learn that spell from?

Ian: Book? I learned that from my brother, Barley.

Ashley: Interesting, what other spells do you know?

Ian: Well… I also know Voltar Thundasir… why do you ask?

Ashley: I happen to be a young witch in training, and I would like to know how the magic works here. My name is Ashley, by the way.

Ian: O.k… I’m Ian. I guess it’s nice to meet another sorcerer, or witch if you prefer.

Campaign Story: Demona has stolen some of Ashley’s spellbooks. Ashley and Ian team up to get them back.

Ashley: Ian, we got a problem at my mansion.

Ian: What is it?

Ashley: Demona stole some of my best spellbooks.

Ian: Then it sounds like we got a quest on our hands then.

Chapter 1: Book Raid

Chapter 1-1: Normally Ian would be unsure if Ashley wants to use magic for good or evil.

Chapter 1-2: But he does know magic enough to know what Demona wants to do with it.

Chapter 1-3: Ashley tells Ian to jump on her broom and they fly off.

Chapter 1-4: But by the time they got to Ashley’s mansion, Demona has already fled with some of the spellbooks.

Chapter 1-5: Her plan? To spread dark magic to every last sorcerer in the City.

Ian: Oh no! We’re too late! From what Goliath told me about her, she’ll stop at nothing to use her dark magic to take over the City.

Ashley: We must stop her too while we’re at it then.

Ian: What?! Ashley, you have no idea what Demona is capable of!

Ashley: I managed to tame a demon before. Plus, I know those spells she could have from the spellbooks like the back of my hand.

Chapter 2: Jafar Jumble

Chapter 2-1: Ian decides to get Barley’s help by trying to follow Demona from below.

Chapter 2-2: And as luck would have it. Barley’s discovered Demona at the Warehouse District.

Chapter 2-3: The two magic wielders head there, but are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 2-4: After the battle they see Demona handing a spellbook to Jafar.

Chapter 2-5: If they can’t stop her now, who knows how many villains they’ll need to fight.

Ian: Demona! Hand over the book!

Demona: Or what? I’m not afraid of your pathetic magic, boy.

Ashley: That is my spellbook, and you better hand it over right now!

Ian: Yeah, what she said!

Demona: Sadly, I don’t have time to deal with you. Jafar, take care of these two. I’ve got errands to run.

Jafar: With pleasure.

Chapter 3: Snappy Serpent

Chapter 3-1: Using a spell from Ashley’s book. Jafar transforms into a giant serpent.

Chapter 3-2: He lunges at the heroes trying to eat them alive.

Chapter 3-3: But he was no match for Ashley’s magic as she casts a hex on him.

Chapter 3-4: Jafar shrinks down to size as Ian spots his lamp.

Chapter 3-5: Using the opportunity, Ian grabs the lamp.

Ian: Hey Jafar! Forgetting something? * holds his lamp *

Jafar: What?! How did you get my lamp?!

Ian: Doesn’t matter, as long as you’re in there!

Jafar: Noooooooo! * gets sucked in *

Ashley: Well… that was oddly satisfying.

Chapter 4: Maddening Mim

Chapter 4-1: With Jafar in his lamp, Ashley takes back the spellbook.

Chapter 4-2: But before they could celebrate, they see Demona heading to the Park.

Chapter 4-3: One step ahead of them, Demona has already given a spellbook to Madam Mim.

Chapter 4-4: When they reach the park they see the mad witch pulling all kinds of spells from Ashley’s spellbook.

Chapter 4-5: She fires a lighting bolt, nearly missing Ian.

Madam Mim: Ho ho! What marvelous dreadful spells there were in that spellbook!

Ashley: Yeah, and that spellbook is mine! Now hand it over.

Madam Mim: And just what are you going to do about it, child? Want to have a Wizard’s, or in this case, a Witch’s Duel?

Ashley: Very well. Let’s begin.

Ian: Be careful Ashley. Mim never plays by the rules.

Ashley: I faced far worse than her. I’ll be fine.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Ian: Say, Ashley, thanks for helping me with those creeps earlier.

Ian: You’re magic is powerful than mine.

Ashley: As I said. I’m a young witch in training. Creeps are nothing compared to what I faced.

Ian: Ashley, do you and your friend Red want to stop by my place for game night?

Ashley: Why not? I haven’t played a decent game in ages.

Chapter 5: Witch's Duel

Chapter 5-1: Ashley and Mim begin with some of their best spells.

Chapter 5-2: But as she fired the spell, Mim disappeared.

Chapter 5-3: But Ashley knew of this trickery as she turned around and saw Mim as a crocodile and cast a Dark Aura.

Chapter 5-4: With Mim trapped, Ashley turns the mad witch into a toad and heads for the book.

Chapter 5-5: But before she could grab it. A shadow swoops in and snatches the book. Ian recognized who the shadow was. Facilier!

Ian: Shadow Man! Should’ve known you were caught up in this chaos too!

Dr. Facilier: That’s right. Demona told me of a book with all kinds of voodoo, hoodoo, and things I haven’t even tried!

Dr. Facilier: Like this book right here. * shadow gives him the spellbook *

Ashley: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Dr. Faclier: You want this book so bad, little girl? Come a get it.

Chapter 6: Shadow Dance

Chapter 6-1: Facilier sends out his shadow friends to attack Ashley and Ian while he makes off with the book.

Chapter 6-2: But he underestimates Ashley as she creates a blinding spell, forcing the shadows to retreat.

Chapter 6-3: Ian quickly shrinks the Shadow Man before he could get away.

Chapter 6-4: With their victory in their hands, Ian picks up the spellbook. Now only Demona remains.

Chapter 6-5: Before they could figure out where the gargoyle could be, Barley confronts them.

Barley: Guys, I just found Demona. She’s up on the rooftops!

Ashley: Well then, Ian, hope ready for another broom ride.

Ian: Don’t need to tell me twice.

Chapter 7: Rooftop Round-up

Chapter 7-1: Ashley and Ian jump on her broom and they head for the rooftops.

Chapter 7-2: But it wasn’t long before they see hover bots trailing behind them.

Chapter 7-3: Ian shoots a Boombastia spell making them fly into each other.

Chapter 7-4: By the time they found Demona, they see her handing a spellbook to Magica De Spell.

Chapter 7-5: Wasting no time, Ashley fires a hex at Demona, knocking her out.

Ashley: Your night has come to an end, Demona.

Ian: We did it, Ashley. I’ll go get Officer Hopps to get the other villains.

Ashley: Actually, Ian. I got something else in mind.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Ashley: Tell me, have you ever took on a demon before?

Ian: Not really. I did fight a curse that tore apart half of my school. Does that count?

Ashley: I guess that’s close.

Ashley: Though it’s nothing when I took on Hum Gree.

Chapter 8: Baddies Bottled Up

Chapter 8-1: Ashley decides that Demona and the villains that used her spellbook deserve harsher punishment.

Chapter 8-2: When she saw Jafar trapped in his lamp, it gives her an idea.

Chapter 8-3: After rounding up Demona with Facilier and Madam Mim. She and Ian head back to her mansion.

Chapter 8-4: Back at her mansion, Ashley has the villains all trapped in a jar, with a touch of magic-proof.

Chapter 8-5: Now the City was safe, once again. From inside the jar, Demona calls to the heroes.

Demona: Don’t think you stopped me for good, meddling brats!

Demona: Next time you won’t be as lucky when I rule the City with my army of Gargoyles!

Ashley: Uh-huh, sure. We’ll see about that.

Ian: Besides, it doesn’t matter if we stop you. There will always be other heroes to put an end to your schemes Demona.

Ashley: Well put, from you Ian.

Ian: Thanks Ashley, I guess.

Campaign “Magic Mayhem” complete.

“Magic of the Dark Side” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!


What even are her skills tho

This is just a friendship campaign concept and won’t list skills
To find the skills, go here.

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