”It’s us versus the world, and I wouldn’t want it… any other way.”

Role: Control
Team: Red
Position: Front

Description: “Spraypaint and Mouse are a dynamic duo ready to take on the enemy team, it’s over once you come across them. As they say, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’!”


Entrance: Spraypaint and Mouse drop in by rope.

Victory: Spraypaint and Mouse high five.

Defeat: Mouse falls over, and Spraypaint kneels down to her.

Basic Attack: Spraypaint throws an empty Beer Mug towards an enemy and it shatters, dealing X Damage.


White Skill: Blinding Spray

Spraypaint sprays the nearest enemy, dealing X Damage, as well as blinding them for 6 seconds.

Green Skill: Hack the Systems

Mouse zaps a nearby enemy with her plug, dealing X Damage to the enemy, stunning them, and also studying them.

Blue Skill: Sucker Punch

Spraypaint delivers a large punch towards an enemy, dealing X Damage, knocking them back, and silencing them.

Purple Skill: You and Me

Now, when “Hack the Systems” is used, Mouse is able to take away the armor of the enemy affected and give it to her and Spraypaint.

Red Skill: Be The One I Need

“Blinding Spray”’s blind duration is now increased to 8 seconds instead of 6.

  • +X Seconds Blinded on “Blinding Spray”
  • +X Max HP
  • +X Basic Attack Damage


Mouse & Spraypaint/GPS
“Crazy Mansion Murderer”
Allies: Top Hat & Sketchpad (COMING SOON), Frollo, Gaston
Spraypaint & Mouse’s Basic Attack now deals twice the damage.

Mouse & Spraypaint/Simba & Nala
“Stuck Together”
Allies: Chip & Dale, 4 & X, Nori & Reachy
“Hack the Systems” now applies a shield to Mouse & Spraypaint for 4-6 seconds.


So…. I was planning on doing Moses, but unfortunately, Peacock removed it, so that’s that. When I find it elsewhere, I’ll make it. So, I decided to go with the next best thing, The Nightly Manor. I love this show to pieces and I needed to make another concept for it. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this concept! Fun Fact: This was supposed to be out earlier, but I accidentally deleted it and had to make it again from scratch.

Also, since I can’t do Moses, vote on who’s next!
The top 2 will be the next 2 concepts!

  • Jared Bobkin (HK)
  • S, T, and R (PaS)
  • Fries (BFDI)
  • Coiny (BFDI)
  • Pin (BFDI)
  • Charger Block and Crown (LOTS)
  • Airy (HFJONE)
  • Charlotte/Moldy (HFJONE)

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What is PaS??? And who are those characters for whatever that is???

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Look it up and you might find it out.


It’s very new. It’s a pretty good show with only one episode.

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Fine I’ll do it

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You didn’t need to, but ok.

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I did like it

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Cool! :slight_smile: I’m glad you liked it!


This is very good. I am excited already for next concept. :grinning:
Which is in the top is charger block and crown

No it’s a tie

Working on Charger Block & Crown currently! :smiley:

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