”That’s it? Just one grain of rice? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS?”
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Red

Description: Nori and Reachy are here to battle, with the occasional chess game in between!


Entrance: Nori walks in, and then Reachy extends from behind Nori out into position.

Basic Attack: Reachy punches the nearest enemy, dealing X Damage.

Victory: Nori crosses her arms while Reachy gives a thumbs up.

Defeat: Reachy slaps Nori in the face.


White Skill: Ground Pummel
Nori turns around as Reachy punches the ground, causing a shockwave that deals X damage per enemy, as well as knocking an enemy back and stunning them.

Green Skill: Checkmate!
Reachy detaches from Nori, and they play a game of chess. While playing, (usually lasts 4-8 seconds) they are invincible from all debuffs and disables, such as freezes, charms, and stuns.

Blue Skill: Calculator Game
Nori pulls out the Calculator Game that Pawn made and plays it for 2-4 seconds. It heals Nori and Reachy X HP per second, and the time played depends on how low they are on HP.

Purple Skill: Second Season
“Ground Pummel” now creates two waves, dealing X damage per wave per enemy, also knocking back two enemies, and stunning them.

Red Skill: Chess Champs
“Checkmate!” Now has a chance of giving Nori and Reachy a shield for 6 seconds after the game.

  • +X Basic Attack Damage
  • +X Damage on “Ground Pummel”
  • +X Max HP


Nori & Reachy/ Li Shang
More than a Prize
Allies: Mulan, Lilo, Meilin
Nori & Reachy’s basic attack now deals twice the damage.

Nori & Reachy/Liam
Object Show Oddness
Allies: Bryce,Gelatin ,Firey
“Calculator Game” now heals twice the HP.


Yes, I’m well aware that 4 and X were voted on, but I felt that I wanted to do this concept more, due to the fact that Battle for Rice is an underrated show, and I wanted to get it out there, so, I hope you enjoyed this concept, and 4 and X are next!


Cool concept :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m very glad you enjoyed it! :smiley:

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Me when I thought it was Nori from murder drones and YEVA

Request for next time. Murder drones Nori and Yeva

Don’t revive dead topics

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They don’t even look similar?!

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I don’t know what that is, sorry :confused:

Murder drones. It is also from YouTube. Specifically Nori and Yeva from episode 7

You uncultured swine

Why are you making such a big deal of it? There’s no need for your rude comment.

It was a joke

Can’t guarantee anything, but MAYBE.

I haven’t even heard of it until now, so I am kinda uncultured :sweat_smile:

GREAT! I hope you have fun, it is a good indie animation. Tbh I would love you to make some Murder drones Unlikely concepts. :smiley: . But I’ll be ok.

You do realise you can make your own murder drones concepts?

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Yeah but big boy Disney hated them and no one likes my conc pts

Why do you always critizice me

Look I suck at concepts

They weren’t talking to you…

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