Four: ”Hey! I wanted to say that!”
X: ”Oh, if you don’t like it, just screech me!”
Four: ”Oh, I’ll do much worse.”

Team: Blue
Role: Damage
Position: Front

Description: Four and X are a powerful duo ready to help your team! Nobody messes with them and gets away with it.


Entrance: Four and X spawn on the field, X looks around, and Four looks at X

Victory: X Cheers and puts his hands in the air while Four sips on a juice box.

Defeat: Four stomps his foot on the ground as X pats him on the shoulder.

Basic Attack: X zaps the nearest enemy with his laser eyes.


White Skill: It’s Time for Cake at Stake!
The player will have a choice between 3 things for Four to throw.

Option 1: Cake
Four throws a piece of cake at the enemy with the lowest amount of HP, or eats it himself if they are the lowest, healing whoever eats it by X HP.

Option 2: Hot Soup
Four throws a bowl full of hot soup at a random enemy, dealing X damage, and silencing them for 4-6 seconds.

Option 3: Good Dream
Four gives a good dream to a random ally, increasing their basic damage and armor.

Green Skill: Beware the Screech
Four Screeches a random enemy, decreasing their armor, silencing them, and dealing X Damage. This has a chance to sap them as well.

Blue Skill: Dismemble Time
X dismembles an enemy, dealing X damage per second dismembled. The enemy stays dismembled for 4-6 seconds.

(This is dismembling.)

Purple Skill: Juice Box
When Four and X reach 0 HP, X offers Four a Juice Box, in which he drinks, healing them back to 25% of their max HP and filling them to half of their Max XP.

Red Skill: A True Blue Friend
“Dismemble Time” can now apply a random disable after the enemy is no longer dismembled.

  • +X Max XP
  • +X Basic Attack Damage
  • +X Max HP


Four & X/ Two (COMING SOON)
Former Fiends
Allies: Nori & Reachy, Luca and Alberto, Sully and Boo
“Juice Box” now heals Four and X to 50% HP, not 25%.

Four & X/Gelatin
Contestant Cooperation
Allies: Firey, Tennis Ball (COMING SOON), Fries (COMING SOON)
“Beware The Screech” now can affect 2 enemies.


I’m pretty excited about this concept. I feel it’s different than my others, and that’s what makes this one shine to me. I hope you enjoyed it! Voting for the next one is down below!


Here’s the vote for the next character:

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  • Airy (HFJONE)
  • Jackie Fuchs (Hells Kitchen)
  • Jared Bobkin (Hells Kitchen)
  • Tennis Ball (BFDI)
  • GPS (The Nightly Manor/Object Manor)

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Please ignore Jackie being there, I made her concept already.

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