Bellwether concept

Hi! this is a concept about the winner of the elimination game of @Gonzo_da-great, hope you enjoy it and at the end please post all feedback



Stars: :star2:
Quote: Fear always works! And I’ll dart every predator in Zootopia to keep it that way
Position: back
Role: control
Team: Yellow


Entrance: she walks into her position
Victory: she laughs maniacally
Defeat: she gets angry
Basic attack: throws a little notebook with a pen


:white_circle: White skill: Savage moment

Bellwether takes out her night howler gun and shut a bullet to the most front allie, making them savage for 10 seconds, while savage, they can´t reach 1 PV and their attack speed and basic damage is increased by 100% but they can attack allies and enemies, depends in which of them is nearest to them
:green_circle: Green skill: Too much work

If bellwether has 3 or more debuffs or disables she accidentally drops it to the floor cleaning her debuffs or disables, gaining one stack of hardy, dealing damage to nearby enemies and healing X HP, the remove of disables and stun can fail if the enemies are above X level
:large_blue_circle: Blue skill: Security cameras

Bellwether brings her computer and sees the security cameras for 5 seconds studying all enemies for 10 seconds, then she focuses in the enemy that has the higher evasion to keep watching, this makes that enemy the most wanted.
:purple_circle: Purple skill: little guys

Bellwether gains reflect while she is using “security cameras”, if she is studied or scared she also increases her and her allies armour and reality for 10 seconds
:red_circle: Red skill: Underrated

If bellwether has a increase of reality or armour for more than 5 seconds she starts dealing X damage over time with each basic attack

+X max HP
+Y tenacity
+Z damage to “too much work”


Sly sheep, dumb lion
Allies: Honey lemon, Felix and Rafiki
Buff: +1 second of reflect while for “little guys”
+1 second per star

super especial friendship

Bellwether/Crewmate / impostor
2 impostors among us
Allies: Woody, Sulley and Boo and Joy
Buff: When bellwether uses “too much work” she also increases 15% the attack speed and basic damage oh her allies or decreases 15% the attack speed and basic damage of the enemies, It´s random what she makes.
+10% per star

PS: the second friendship concept is @Tragic-Magic concept, check is really cool


I think the Zootopia characters in the game are in the yellow team

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Thanks, I got confused :sweat_smile:

Great job rino. Looking forward to continue working with you.

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