Best Friend of the Host (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)


”I don’t want to to point fingers, but if I had fingers, I’d point them at you two for this mess!”

Team: Blue
Role: Tank
Position: Mid-Line

Description: Gaty has joined the fray! She knows how to take care of your enemies and close the gate on the chance of them winning.


Entrance: Gaty walks in casually, then gets in position.
Basic Attack: Gaty kicks a nearby enemy, dealing X damage.
Victory: Gaty sits down and smiles.
Defeat: Gaty falls on her face in shame.


White Skill: Container Chaos

Gaty has a choice to pick between 3 containers shown in TPOT 10: Oneirophobe’s Nightmare, including…

Option 1: Ice Cubes
Gaty pours a container of ice cubes, which slide to a nearby enemy and freeze them for 6 seconds, dealing X Damage per 2 seconds.

Option 2: Protein Shake
Gaty pours a protein shake, giving her a shield and healing her X HP.

Option 3: Gasoline
Gaty pours a container of gasoline on an enemy, dealing X damage, silencing, and stunning the enemy it is poured on.

Green Skill: Magnet Powers, Activate!

Gaty activates her Magnet Powers, attracting an enemy near her. She then whacks them with the other side of her body, dealing X Damage, sapping, and snaring that enemy, as well as knocking them back.

Blue Skill: Funny Plant Frenzy

Instead of performing a basic attack, a Funny Plant will spawn onscreen and heal Gaty X HP per 2 seconds. The plant has 3 lives, and all projectiles will now target the plant instead of Gaty. When the plant dies, Gaty will go back to performing a regular basic attack.

Purple Skill: Power in Periwinkle

“Magnet Powers, Activate!” Now can absorb a projectile and shoot it back towards the enemy team, and the effect depends on the original projectile’s effect.

Red Skill: A Loyal Apprentice

“Funny Plant Frenzy” now gives Gaty a shield for 6 seconds, increases her Basic Damage, and gives her increases her Armor.

  • +X Damage on “Container Chaos” when Using Ice Cubes or Gasoline
  • +X Max HP
  • +X HP healed per 2 seconds in “Funny Plant Frenzy”


A Reuinion to Remember
Allies: Stitch, Tennis Ball, Esmeralda
Gary’s Basic attack can now reflect projectiles.

Gaty/Golf Ball (COMING SOON)
Short Strikers
Allies: Chip & Dale, Agent P, Amelia/Scenty (COMING SOON)
“Container Chaos”’s Ice Cubes now have a longer freeze, now lasting from 8-10 seconds.


I’m gonna be completely honest, this was definitely my hardest concept yet. I had to watch a lot of episodes to really find out how a moveset was going to work, but I really wanted to make it work, since I think Gaty is a great character. Also, I hope you guys enjoyed the adding of skill pictures! You should expect to see them from now on in my concepts. Also, to vote on my next concept, visit my Tennis Ball concept. I hope you enjoyed this concept!


Great concept :+1:


Thank you! I’m very glad you enjoyed it!

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