Incoming Inventor (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)

”Alright, I know I’m supposed to be canonically dead right now, but I’m coming back to life to say that Golf Ball, you’ve blurted that line so many times, it makes me want to rip my hecking ears off! Ok, back to being dead now. Bleh!

Team: Yellow
Role: Tank
Position: Back

Description: Tennis Ball is an inventor looking to prove his worth. He uses his new inventions to show he’s not messing around, and neither should you.


Entrance: Tennis Ball rolls into the battlefield, before coming to a stop and going into position.


Defeat: Tennis Ball fake dies.

Basic Attack: Tennis Ball bounces on the ground, causing a shockwave that deals X Damage.


White Skill: Wall Teleporter
Tennis Ball takes out his wall Teleporter and uses it, but then it malfunctions and teleports an enemy closer to him. This deals X Damage, Snares, and Silences them.

Green Skill: At Least I Have My Magnet
Tennis Ball pulls out his magnet, which attracts numerous projectiles. Each projectile deals X Damage to every enemy it hits, as well as having a chance to debuff their armor.

Blue Skill: Safety Shield
Tennis Ball places his shield in front of him, and the shield lasts for 4-6 seconds. He heals X HP per 2 seconds. If there is an ally below 25% HP, he will instead use it on them, doing exactly the same to them.

Purple Skill: Perfect Partner
“Safety Shield” now increases Tennis Ball’s armor and his Basic Damage. He can also now place a second shield for an ally.

Red Skill: Inanimate Inventor
“Wall Teleporter” deals twice the damage, Saps the enemy teleported, and applies a random disable.


Tennis Ball/Golf Ball (COMING SOON)
A Platonic Way
Allies: Simba & Nala, 4 & X, Nori & Reachy
“Safety Shield” now fills the XP bar to 75%.

Tennis Ball/Pete
Allies: Jasmine, Luca and Alberto, Dash
Tennis Ball’s Basic Attack now deals twice the damage.


I hope you enjoyed my latest concept! Tennis Ball just seemed to have a lot of possibilities for moveset purposes, so I made that a reality! Vote on my next concept down below!


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