Best Friends to the Very End (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)



”You see, this is how you make a getaway. When they least expect it!”


Team: Yellow
Role: Tank
Position: Mid-Line

Description: “The chaotic best friends Charger Block and Crown are here to save the city, while also being their casual, destructive selves.”


Entrance: Charger Block and Crown spawn on the chairs that bring them to different worlds.

Victory: Crown gets on Charger Block’s head, as Charger Block smirks.

Defeat: Charger Block screams VERY loudly (like he did at the end of LOTS 1A.)

Basic Attack: Charger Block kicks an enemy, dealing X Damage.


White Skill: Fly!

Crown activates his flying powers, and him and Charger Block rush through the enemy line, dealing X Damage to each enemy they fly through, as well as knocking them back.

Green Skill: Worldly Watches

Charger Block & Crown’s watches flash, meaning they have to meet up with Michael & Sean (They’ll get their own concept.). This teleports them offstage for 4-6 seconds. They come back fully healed and with buffed armor and a 30% faster attack speed.

Blue Skill: Static Shock

Charger Block charges up his hand with electricity, then, he shocks an enemy. This deals X Damage on impact, as well as dealing X more damage per second for 3-5 seconds afterwards. This also silences the enemy during the 3-5 seconds.

Purple Skill: So-Called World Savers

“Worldly Watches” now applies a shield to Charger Block & Crown for 4 seconds, and while they have this shield, they heal X HP per second.

Red Skill: To The S*n and Back

When Charger Block and Crown use “Fly!”, they steal an enemy’s armor, as well as stealing some of their HP.

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Basic Damage Attack
  • +X% Attack Speed


Charger Block & Crown/Liam
“Welcome to the Afterlife”
Allies: Hades, Airy (COMING SOON), Michael & Sean (COMING SOON)
Charger Block & Crown’s basic attack now deals twice the damage.

Charger Block & Crown/Michael (COMING SOON)
“A New Mission”
Allies: Buzz, Agent P, EVE
“Worldly Watches” now lasts 1-2 more seconds.


Ok, “Love of the S*n” is one of the best object shows in my opinion. To me, it’s right up there with the likes of ONE and The Nightly Manor. Watching it, I realized that Charger Block & Crown could work as a really good duo character. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this concept!

Next up is Jared Bobkin from Seasons 15 & 17 of Hell’s Kitchen, voted on by the readers!


Sweet this is a good.

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Great concept :+1:

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