Liam, not Backpack (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)


Do you realize how much suffering you’ve caused me? Do you realize the torture you’ve put so many innocent people through? You APATHETIC, DERANGED, PSYCHOPATH! End this, NOW.

Role: Control
Team: Blue
Position: Front

Description: Storing all he needs within him, Liam will make sure to take down all threats. No matter what it takes.


Entrance: Liam rides in on his bike.
Victory: Liam pumps his fist in the air.
Defeat: Liam walks off with a broken leg.
Basic Attack: Liam kicks a nearby enemy, dealing X damage.


White Skill: Axe Swipe
Liam swipes an axe 3 times to a nearby enemy, dealing X damage each swipe and knocking back the enemy he hits.

Green Skill: Radio Tune
Liam tunes the radio to a random location telporting an enemy to a random location offscreen for 4 seconds. They will come back with a random disable that will last for 6 seconds, while also dealing X Damage.

Blue Skill: Pieces to the Puzzle
Liam takes out some sticky notes, studying the enemy and gaining a shield that lasts 6 seconds. His armor also is increased.

Purple Skill: Check it Twice
Now, Radio Tune has a chance to teleport 2 enemies instead of one. The second enemy also receives a disability and takes X damage.

Red Skill: Name’s not Backpack
Now, Axe Chop can snare and silence the enemy he hits.

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Damage on Axe Chop
  • +X Basic Damage


Friendship 1: Liam/Brice
ONE Quest
Now, Pieces to the puzzle can apply a disable to the enemy studied.
Allies: Firey,Gelatin, Bomby (COMING SOON)

Friendship 2: Liam/Taylor
YouTube Union
Now, Radio tune deals X more Damage.
Allies: Meilin, Mary Lou (COMING SOON), Ralph


I just watched the entirety of HFJONE yesterday, and I wasn’t waiting any longer. I needed to make this. I really enjoyed the show and I recommend it to y’all. Here’s the channel.
I hope you enjoyed! Brice is next!


Quote is from Episode 17: You Move, I Send

Wow! Good concept :smiley:

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Thanks! Just make sure to not revive dead topics, ok?

I heard they can revive dead topics if they say “great concept”

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Ohhh, ok, my bad :slight_smile:

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