Caretaker in the Afterlife (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)


”My requests were straightforward and simple enough. It isn’t my fault you have such a small brain!”

Team: Blue
Role: Support
Position: Back

Description: “Straight from the S*n, Michael is here to show that he’s not playing around. He’ll make sure the enemy team gets sent packing.”


Entrance: Michael is teleported to the battlefield, and then he walks, before getting in position.

Victory: Michael crosses his arms and grins at the enemy side.

Defeat: Michael scoffs and looks away in embarrassment.

Basic Attack: Michael grabs a small object with his watch powers, and flings it towards the enemy line, dealing X Damage.


White Skill: In Their Tracks

Michael chooses an enemy to trap in his watch’s ability, which keeps the enemy in the air for 4 seconds, unable to do anything. When the 4 seconds is over, Michael drops them to the ground, which deals X Damage.
(Works a lot like Buzz’s Anti Gravity bubbles…)

Green Skill: S*nblocked

Michael creates a shield with his watch powers, which lasts 6 seconds. While the shield is up, Michael heals X HP per second.
(Skill inspired by the game “Project TEMI”, so I couldn’t find a good in show picture)

Blue Skill: Back from the Afterlife

Michael sets up his recovery table for a fallen ally, and he tries to recover the ally. The recovery has a 20% chance of succeeding, and if it does work, the ally is set to 25% of their Max Health.

Purple Skill: Welcome to the S*n

“Back From the Afterlife” now has a 40% chance of working, not 20%.

Red Skill: One Simple Request

“S*nblocked” now lasts for 6 seconds, and not 4. Also, he now gets buffed armor and an increased attack speed after the shield is gone.

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Basic Attack Damage
  • +X Max XP


“Calm and Collected”
Allies: Fries (COMING SOON), Jared, Pacha
Michael now has a 10% increased attack speed.

“A Lesson of Patience”
Allies: Queen of Hearts, Donald Duck, Phil
“Back from the Afterlife” now has a 50% chance of success.



New Quote: ”I brought them here! I know, you’re welcome, everybody.”
The only differences with Sean is that his powers are red, unlike Michael’s light green powers, and his watch is on his left hand, not his right.


Yeah, Love of the S*n is a great show. If you haven’t watched it yet, just do yourself a favor. 1C might be coming out soon… Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed this new concept. I’ll have another one out by tonight. (Most Likely Airy)


I once again made the drawings… do you think they look good?

  • Yes, they look great!
  • They need improvement…

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I’ve always wondered. What are these characters from?

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Love of the S*n, it’s a YouTube Series. At least, that’s what Michael, Sean, Charger Block, and Crown are from.

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If you want to know some of the other characters, I have them all laid out and their respective series listed in my Concept Library. Hope this helps!



I’m having trouble finding out a blue skill, ok? :frowning:

Sorry for yelling.

Here’s an idea.

Make it so he like rolls into the enemies like how he rolled into x and 4. Or if you got that figured out, make him trap an enemy in the liar ball.

That was planned for Coiny, so that isn’t gonna happen.

I just edited it so it may also be the liar ball


Ok… it’ll come out later. Just, be patient. I’m at my grandparents house now.

No way. I am also visiting my grandparents!

Sorry that this is off topic.

Also, remove your comment on the concept library, please.

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Ok I did it,

Don’t worry I will wait.

I hope my suggestion for the blue skill will help you.

Leave them alone!

They can make whoever they want, when they want. They don’t have to listen you.

So, back off man!


Ok I can do it.

I can do it… it’ll be out tomorrow for sure.

Anyway ignoring Genies comments
Great concept :+1: (I am a bit biased cause I am a Michael fan lol)

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Haha, he’s my favorite LOTS character as well, anyways, glad you liked it!

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