Big Crash's refresh proposal

I feel that newer heroes are usually coming with higher statuses than some original heroes, so peoples spend a tons of money on heroes just added and forget the old ones. As newer heroes come each month and a higher rank. As a result of snowball effects, they throw more money to promote newer heroes than at past. To counter this problem and make older heroes can hold a lot more time at the battlefield, I will plan some refresh on some older heroes, my target is: make heroes to at least A-Tier, and increase their competitive strength, that makes players can more focus on first some heroes and make less delay to go to the highest levels. I will start this project tomorrow.

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I will write a plan follow or these area:
Defense: Max hp, armor,reality
Offense: BD,SP
Extra thing:
·Range(buff, skill damage, debuffs etc.)
·Extra reaction (including but not limited to: Buffs, Debuffs,Disables etc.)
·Damage type (optional)

Ch1: Ralph

Ok I will plan another refresh.
So which hero do you want to refresh? I will write this week



Plan Ch2


Vanelloppe is a starter hero which help you for a while, but you may sooner need to phrase out her because she doesn’t deal too much damage to enemies and easily to make a player lose a star. Some people may still upgrade her because it’s a cheap deal, but she may fall far behind for damage heroes, e.g. Dash, Nick etc.
So what’s problem with her?

  1. Lack of Skill Power
    Besides her red skill boost some of her skill power, but people may need to leave her on purple because she can’t whack a campaign team. She was the lower damage over this year.
  2. Lack of max hp
    The problem is she are easily to be KO’ed before she even have a chance to revenge, she slows not too much for tanks and easily gets damaged.
  3. Skill lacking
    Her skills are very old, and cannot keep up with the newer and newer heroes. Just for example, her blue skill can’t deal a lot of damage to backline because the backline have too much max hp. Her green skill can only slow 25% to the front enemies, even she got her red skill and slow 75% to frontline enemies, it’s still not effective against some high hp tanks.
    So I bring another plan!

Base stats:
+1000% Max HP
+500% skill power
+300% basic damage

White skill: Lollipop Slammer
Vanelloppe uses her glitch to become untargetable and teleports into the middle of her enemies. She slams her candy hammer, dealing X damage to all enemies near her and stunning them for 7 seconds, then teleports behind her allies, granting nearby allies a shield that have X hp that last for 28 seconds. Heroes with this shield cannot be debuffed and they resist all Fantastic Damage. This skill deals X more damage for each time she use this skill.
The extra damage will be reduced if targeted enemies are higher than level Y.

+200% damage
+This skill now stuns enemies for 7 seconds
+This skill now grants a shield to nearby allies for 28 seconds which resists Fantastic Damage and debuffs

  • This skill deals extra damage for each sequenced use

Green skill: Soda Geyser
Screenshot_20201223-055415_Disney Heroes
Vanelloppe combines the power of mint and soda to shoot a massive spray of soda at her closest enemy, deals Z damage and reduces their basic damage and armor negation for X for 10 seconds. The corn syrup slows their movement speed by 50% and their attack speed for 50% for 10 seconds.

+100% damage
+This skill’s damage now be affected by her basic damage
+This skill now reduces their basic damage and armor negation
+25% movement and attack speed slow

Blue skill: Minty Fresh
Screenshot_20201223-055427_Disney Heroes
Vanelloppe launches a minty cannon ball at the enemy who deals the most Fantastic Damage, dealing X damage ,stunning them for 10 seconds and reduces their reality negation by X for 10 seconds. If targeted enemy falls below 25% of their max HP, this skill will instantly KO them. If all enemies have no Fantastic Damage dealt , this skill will instead target the furthest enemy.

+210% damage
+this skill now stuns enemies for 10 seconds
+this skill now targets to the enemy who deal the most Fantastic Damage and reduces their reality negation.
+if targeted enemy falls below 25% of their max hp, they will be instantly KO’ed.

Purple skill: Sharing Is Caring
Screenshot_20201223-055442_Disney Heroes
Vanelloppe target the most wanted enemy each wave after 12 seconds for the rest of the wave, they take X Fantastic Damage per second, their movement speed and attack speed are slowed for 50% and applying 4 stacks of fatigue to them.
All of Vanelloppe’s basic attacks, “Soda Geyser” and “Minty Fresh” gain X splash damage. Also Vanelloppe are immune to all disables.

  • 1000% damage
    +Vanelloppe will target the most wanted enemy after 12 seconds, they will take Fantastic Damage per second, movement speed and attack speed are slowed and applying fatigues to them.
    +Vanelloppe are immune to disables

Red skill: Racing Ahead
Screenshot_20201223-055454_Disney Heroes
Vanelloppe prefers to target slowed enemies with “Soda Geyser”. When she damages a slowed enemy with “Soda Geyser”, nearby enemies also have their attack speeds and movement speeds slowed by 75% for 11 seconds.
Vanelloppe now use “Soda Geyser” at the start of each wave to the closest enemy and slows them by 90% and last 11 seconds longer.
If an enemy deals 50% of Vanelloppe’s HP as damage, they are instantly KO’ed.
Whenever Vanelloppe damages a slowed, she gains 150 energy.
The slow has been reduced if enemies are above level Y.
Additional Stat Boosts:
+Y Skill Power
+Y Max HP
+Y Damage from “Lollipop Slammer”

+Vanelloppe use “Soda Geyser” at the start of each wave, slows them longer
+now energy gain will not fail and the slow are now be reduced by levels.
+enemies will be instantly KO’ed if they deal too much damage to Vanelloppe

Disks: “Pulled A Fast One” from Dash

+Y basic damage
Slowed enemies take Y Fantastic Damage per second
30%(+30% per star) more damage to slowed enemies
All enemies are hexed for 1.5(+1.5 per star) seconds at the beginning of each wave.

+200% basic damage
+slowed enemies now take Fantastic Damage per second
+18%(+18% per star) more damage to slowed enemies
+enemies are hexed for start of each wave

“Ultimate Princess” from Merida
+Y skill power
+“Minty Fresh” does 10%(+10% per star) more Damage for each 10% HP target is missing
“Minty Fresh” has 10%(+10% per star) shorter cooldown.

+Y skill power
++5% more damage (+5% damage per star)


Love the refresh idea for Vanellope. Absolutely amazing. :heart:


I edited some and
How is my plan? rate below

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Which heroes do you want to refresh next?


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Plan Ch3


Gaston is released in last year as a control hero. He is a great hero in the past, when his energy is full, he jumps in the front and deals somehow many damage to enemies, so he also can protect allies. He also produces a lots of disables to make enemies not working. Also his second revival chance and invincibility make him stay longer, and basically lost fast-ko points to enemies, also he can make more additional difficulties to enemy team. But as usual many newer heroes and counters can easily KO’ed them. After the refresh of QoH he is somehow nerfed because the blue skill of QoH can instantly KO him even when he’s invincible.
So where are his problems?

  1. Lacking of basic damage
    His main damage is based on basic damage, but the problem is even unlocked his red skill, he cannot produce many damage, this is one of the criteria that he cannot survive too long in battlefield because he cannot finish the main target off or at least already make the enemy who are dealt at least 95% of their max hp lost .
  2. Lacking of skills
    Firstly, his white and green skill can only stuns/charms enemies for 4 seconds, this is not enough especially now other controls stuns at least 7 seconds. Also, the disables are easily to be evaded by enemies, this also not helping by “King Pin”. Lastly, despite his eight-second invincibility after his revival, it is nearly impossible for Gaston to have time to deal a lot of damage and got KO’ed.
  3. Lacking of Skill Power
    His revive hp is based on his Skill Power, but why he is easily KO’ed is because his hp falls too low that cannot take many hits before he is KO’ed.
    So how can we solve it?
    Here’s the plan:

Base stats:
+100% Max HP
+300% basic damage
+800% Skill Power

Screenshot_20201228-050119_Disney Heroes
White Skill: Wrestling Match
Gaston jumps into the middle of a group of enemies, dealing Z damage to them, knocking them back and stunning them for 10 seconds. Gaston then stays in melee range with his fists for the remainder of the wave and gain X Max HP each time he use this skill.

+100% damage
+6 seconds stun length
+Gaston now gains Max HP each time he use this skill.

Screenshot_20201228-050131_Disney Heroes
Green Skill: Burly And Brawny
Gaston rips his shirt open, dealing X (Fantastic)damage to 3 closest enemies and stunning or charming them for 8 seconds. He and his allies gain a shield that blocks X damage each time he use this skill.

+4 seconds disable length
+This skill now deals Fantastic Damage to enemies
+this skill now grant a shield to him and allies
+removes level caps

Screenshot_20201228-050143_Disney Heroes
Blue Skill: Five Dozen Eggs
Once per wave when Gaston reaches 25% of his max HP, he jumps behind his allies, sapping all enemies for 7 seconds.
Once per wave, when Gaston reaches 0 HP he gulps down several eggs, healing himself for X HP and becoming invincible for 15 seconds and deals 100% more damage to enemies while he is invincible.
The sap has a chance to fail against enemies higher than level Y.

+150% healing
+8 second invincibility
+when he reaches 25% of his max HP, he jumps behind and saps enemies
+He deals more damage while he is invincible

Screenshot_20201228-050153_Disney Heroes
Purple Skill: King Pin
Gaston’s disables last 50% more duration if his target is below 50% of their max HP.
When Gaston is KO’ed, enemies take Y (Normal) damage per second and are studied for 15 seconds.

+now add 50% of duration and extended to disables
+enemies take damage and are studied when Gaston is KO’ed
+removed level cap

Screenshot_20201228-050205_Disney Heroes
Whenever Gaston damages a disabled enemy with his basic attack, he gains 100 energy.
Gaston’s attack speed is increased by 100% for 15.0 seconds when he is revived by “Five Dozen Eggs”.
Gaston now dodges a disable once every 8 seconds and instead gains 500 energy.
The energy gain by hitting a disabled enemy with his basic attack has been reduced if disabled enemies are above level Y.
Additional Stat Boosts:
+Y Basic Damage
+Y Max HP
+Y Armor

+the energy gain by attacking enemies is extend to all disabled enemies
+35% attack speed
+Gaston dodges a disable and gains energy

Friendship Disks:

“Tough Training” from Calhoun
+Y basic damage
Enemies take Y Fantastic Damage per second for every disable by Gaston
Gaston deals 20%(+20% per star) more damage to disabled enemies

+100% basic damage
+enemies for each disable from Gaston take Fantastic Damage per second
+10%(+10% each star) damage to disabled enemies
+extend this skill to disabled enemies

“Slow Trends” from Belle
+Y Basic Damage
+Y Max HP
+20%(+20% per star) disable length

+50% basic damage
+30% Max HP
+8%(+8% per star) disable length


So how do you rate this plan?

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Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a support hero from the first year. He is actually great because he can increase damage and heal allies. The problem is his skill are mostly kidnapped by skill level. The necessary cost of Mickey are higher than any. Also, he is easily counterable by others, so now it is on a not recommend list.
But why he is on this list?

  1. Lack of skills
    Ok it is certain. Mickey Mouse’s skills has a skill level cap, so if don’t upgrade skills, it may fail on level 2 heroes! Also, healing is not enough for newer heroes, so it can’t make the least hp hero to stay longer enough. Lastly, support hero need a damage skill to make allies easy to defeat them, but Mickey have none.
  2. Lack of Max HP
    A support hero need to stay longer on the battlefield to try to buff allies, but Mickey has less he than other support, so he’s easily KO’ed
  3. Lack of skill power
    “Apprentice Sorcery” 's HP are affected by Skill Power, but it’s less than newer heroes even 50%.
    Stop here, any solutions?
    Well, certainly:

Mickey Mouse
Base Stats:
+1000% Max HP
+3000% Basic Damage
+300% Skill Power

White Skill: Team Cheer
Mickey deals Z (Fantastic) damage to all enemies and blinds them for 18 seconds. Mickey also applies “Tooned Up” to all allies for 15 seconds, giving them a 100% increase to all damage done. When Tooned Up is applied, their damage ignores berserk and invincible and make allies become precise. All damage to enemies bypass Reflect.
“Tooned Up” applied by this skill bypass fatigue and cannot be removed from any sources.

+remove skill level cap
+this skill deals damage and blinds them
+the application of “Tooned Up” gives buff to allies and cannot be removed
+5 seconds Tooned Up duration
+50% all damage done

Green Skill: Silly Symphony
Mickey conducts all allies, granting them a shield that blocks X damage that last 10.0 seconds and 600 energy.
Enemy who deals with extra damage to allies with this shield are instantly stunned for 7 seconds and steal all their evasion and tenacity for 18 seconds.
The evasion and tenacity steals are less effective if enemies are higher than level Y

+300 energy
+all allies are affected by this skill and are granted a shield
+enemies who deals extra damage to allies with the shield are stunned and are stolen all their evasion and tenacity

Blue Skill: Apprentice Sorcery
Mickey cast a spell on the ally with the least HP, healing them for X HP and gains Reflect for 8 seconds.
This skill heals extra X HP for each subsequent use.

+50% basic healing
+ally now gain Reflect
+This skill heals extra HP for each use

Purple Skill: Oh Boy!
Allies with “Tooned Up” regen 50% of their max HP over the duration of “Tooned Up”.
After “Tooned Up” expired, allies gain X Armor and X reality that lasts 7 seconds.

+20% healing
+remove skill level cap
+get armor and reality after Tooned Up expired

Red Skill: Hog Diggety Dog
“Tooned Up” also increases Mickey and his allies’ energy gain by 150%.
“Apprentice Sorcery” also heals nearby to the original ally healed for X HP and increase their attack speed by 200% for 7 seconds.
Additional Stat Boosts:
+Y Skill Power
+Y Armor
+Y HP healed from “Apprentice Sorcery”

+100% energy gain
+50% healing
+“Apprentice Sorcery” increase attack speed

Lettermouse Jacket from Sulley &Boo
+Y Skill Power
+20%(+20% per star) improved healing
Enemies deals 17%(+17% per star) less damage to shielded allies

+10% Skill Power
+10%(+10% per star) Improved healing
+Enemies deal less damage to shielded allies

Dark Chocolate from Jack Skellington
+Y Max HP
+Damage heroes on team gain Y Max HP
+Damage role allies receive 20%(+20% per star) bonus damage and regen from “Team Cheer” and “Oh Boy!”
When Mickey Mouse is KO’ed, all enemies are received 5 stacks of weakness for the rest of the wave, Damage role allies deals 5%(+5% per star) of the enemies’ Max HP as bonus Fantastic Damage.

+25% Max HP
+10%(+10% per star)bonus damage and regen
+When Mickey is KO’ed, enemies are received weakness, Damage role enemies deal bonus damage


Next My refresh plan

  1. Basil
  2. Baymax
  3. Woody
    who do you want to refresh? let down the replies

Refresh list:
De spell


Plan Ch5

Basil of Baker Street

Basil is a pretty decent hero, his damage is pretty high. his green skill can deal a lot of damage to enemies and somehow can deal 25% damage of enemies max HP. His white skill can burst a lot of damage to KO some of the enemies. However, if he is strong, why I need to refresh him? Well Basil has received poor ratings for too less evasion and tenacity make him easily to be disabled and easily received a big penalty on attacking enemies. Also 15 seconds cooldown is a problem.

So what make him lack behind from his potential?

  1. Lack of skills
    One of the problem is “Good Deduction” have a too long cooldown, not even able to counter some fast disables, that is tragic for Basil because he has too less tenacity and evasion. Also, he is a control hero, but study and DoT are not enough to be a control hero, mainly make Basil more like a damage hero. At last, some of them blame Basil for “On The Mark” target enemies to least HP, which slipper his target to brute which resists Basil’s Normal Damage, make his attacks useless.
  2. Memory Disks problem
    His “Perfect Clue” disk from Randall Boggs is one of the worst disk ever in the game. Unlock this skill heal when silence is not great, what is worse though is this need at least R9 to unlock, many allies already have a lot of evasion and tenacity that blocks silence. His “Hot On the Trail” from Mushu is bad either, especially when PerBlue pushed friendship system refresh because only his red skill can make DoT and make this disk also has a big hole on cost.
  3. Lack of evasion and tenacity
    One of Basil’s weakness must be taken too many disables, let him lack of time to damage enemies, and make him easily KO’ed.
    So how to accelerate his potential?

Basil of Baker Street
Base stats
+100% basic damage
+100% skill power
+100% max HP


White Skill: On The Mark

Basil scans enemies’ weak points and throws 60 darts at them. Basil targets the enemy with the lowest armor with each dart, dealing Z (Normal) damage plus X extra Fantastic Damage over 3 seconds each time the dart hit the enemy and studying them for 4.5 seconds.
This skill deals 50% extra damage and studies them for 5.5 seconds longer for each dart once Basil falls below 50% of his max HP or received over 20 seconds of debuffs.

+50% damage
+40 darts
+1.5 seconds study
+deals Fantastic damage over time
+deal extra damage and study longer if he has low hp or received certain amounts of debuffs

Green Skill: Clever Concoction

Basil throws an Erlenmeyer flask at the farthest studied enemy, dealing X damage over 10 seconds, studying them and slowing their movement speed and attack speed by 70% for 10 seconds to enemies in an area.

+50% damage
+This skill now study and slow enemies

Blue Skill: Good Deduction

Every 6 seconds, Basil dodges an enemy’s basic attacks or skill and counters the attacker, dealing X (Fantastic)damage ,stunning them for 5 seconds, and studying them for 15.0 seconds.
If the targeted enemy is below 35% of their max HP, this skill deals 30% more damage and also curses them for 8 seconds.

-9 seconds cooldown
+3 seconds study
+this skill now also deals Fantastic damage and stuns to the attacker
+this skill deals extra damage and curse them if they have low hp

Purple Skill: Closer Inspection

When Basil falls to 0 HP, he will use “Clever Concoction” instantly, becoming invincible for 15 seconds and heals X HP. When invincibility is expired, Basil gains invisible for 10 seconds.
Any precise enemies take X Fantastic Damage per second and take 50% more damage from Basil and his allies.
Basil gains 100 energy whenever an enemy is studied.
The energy gain is less effective against enemies above level Y.

+this skill now revives Basil and becomes invisible
+55 energy gain
+enemies now take Fantastic Damage and take more damage if they are precise

Red skill: Wise Observation

Basil removes 100 energy when he damages a study enemy with “On The Mark”.
Every 2 basic attacks, Basil applies a damage over time to an enemy that deals X damage over 12 seconds, when this applies, this enemy deals 5% less damage to Basil and allies if enemies are below 75% of their max HP.
Allies are healed 8.0% of their max HP every second and gains Y basic damage if they are debuffed by any source.
The amount of energy removed is less effective against enemies above level Y.
Additional Stat Boosts:
+Y basic damage
+Y skill power
+Y Damage from “Clever Concoction”

+50% damage
‐1 basic attack to apply DoT
+move Randall disk buff to this skill apart from Max HP increase and extended to all debuffs to trigger
+25 energy removal
+Enemies deals 5% less damage if this got DoT from this skill when they falls below certain HP

“Perfect Clue” from Randall Boggs

+Y Max HP to Basil and allies
Allies heals Y HP if they hit 25% of their max HP
Basil and allies receive 2(+1 per star) stacks of hardy at the start of each wave
Basil and allies resists all Fantastic Damage for 2(+2 seconds per star) at the start of each wave

+20%Max HP
+heals when then hit 25% of their Max HP
+Basil and allies receive hardy and resists Fantastic Damage at the start of each wave

“Hot On The Trail” from Mushu

Enemies lose Y armor and reality while they have damage over time effects
+Y basic damage
+Y skill power to Basil and allies
Enemies deals +14%(+14% per star) less damage from skills and basic attacks with a damage over time effect by any of Basil and his allies with 100% HP left
+5% attack speed

+50% Reality lost
+enemies also lose armor
+50% basic damage
+Basil and his allies gain skill power
+4%(+4% per star) less damage to enemies with DoT
+extend this buff to all DoT and triggers without HP limit


How is this refresh plan?

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  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
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Also I will create a refresh plan with this heroes:

  1. Baymax
  2. Woody
  3. Yax
  4. Flynn Rider
  5. WALL-E
  6. EVE
  7. Calhoun
  8. Miguel
  9. Maui

Any more heroes want to refresh? I will do them in the future

Maybe refresh maui.
If you can of course.

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And perhaps Violet and Ralph, since the fact their red skill bumps down their purple skill, it kind of seems unfair that the creators have to have it like that.



Baymax is a tank that use shields to protect allies at start and use his white skill, that is his reason why he maybe useful sometimes. Basically he is hard to defeat because other shield counters can’t affect he and his allies, but as more and more of this has risen so much, Baymax is not enough to defend because his shield has too less hp and somehow too less buffs on shield. Not only that, he is easily to be KO’ed because of low max hp. He is definitely weak on shield support skills.
So why he is hard to protect allies?

  1. Lack of skills
    His skill is old, alot older, for example “Healthcare Companion” can only get shield and no more buffs, also from “Blast Off”. Still, “Optimised Armor” can only protect little crit damage reduction and “Protective Programming” can give hardy, if Baymax has enough energy to use “Healthcare Companion”. Where do energy come? Mostly when he’s ko an enemy, but “Blast Off” can’t deal a lot of effect on enemies, also his basic attacks have too long cool down and weak damage let him hard to stack energy.
  2. Disk Problem
    Yeah one of his problems is disk, simply both them can only make the battle falling less straight. First the problem of Wall e disk is “too old”, because the armor gain from “Optimized Armor” is too less to survive. HP grow is seeming too less to be drivable in snow with shield counters. Olaf disk also has a main problem, max stars can only have 2.5 seconds freeze, not enough to give a chance let allies to beat some enemies, also not enough to control shield counters either.
  3. Lack of core stats
    Skill Power is definitely not enough to make shield last any longer because the shield is breaking after a few attacks. Apart from that, basic damage is one of his problems, that’s why he can’t deal a lot of damage. At last, because he is released in 2018, so his max HP is not enough to be a tank today.
    So ways to boost?
    Yeah, a lot ways.


Base Stats
+1000% basic damage
+400% skill power
+300% Max HP

White skill: Healthcare Companion

Baymax deals Z (Fantastic) damage to all enemies and blinds them for 25 seconds. He and his allies are shielded for X HP for 20 seconds and healed for X HP.
The shield HP will be increased for 2% for every 5% HP allies are missing.

+100% shield HP
+10 seconds shield duration
+this skill now deals damage and blinds
+the shield hp is increased for amount of HP is missing

Green Skill: Blast Off

Baymax charges across the screen dealing X (Normal) damage to all enemies, freezeing them for 4.8 seconds and granting allies a shield that blocks X damage for 10 seconds. Then Baymax stomps the ground, the closest enemy take X (Fantastic) damage, are knocked back, and are stunned for 7 seconds.
Baymax will use this skill at the start of each wave and the first use stun the closest enemy 7 seconds longer.
(This skill’s cooldown: 18 seconds)

+200% base damage
+100% shield HP
+2 seconds shield duration
+this skill now freeze enemies
+this skill now deals damage, knocks back and stuns the closest enemy when Baymax stomps the ground

Blue Skill: Scan

Baymax scans 3 enemies with the highest armor, dealing X (Fantastic) damage,
applying 3 stack of fatigue and 2 stack of weakness, hexing them for 10 seconds and studying them for 22 seconds.
All allies receive 5 Normal Prowess and deals Y extra (Normal) damage with each basic attacks and skills for each enemy is studied.
If Hiro Hamada is one of Baymax’s allies, after each use of “Scan”, Hiro’s “Microbot Stun” cooldown is instantly reduced to 0 seconds, deals 300% of base damage of “Microbot Stun” as extra damage as Normal Damage and stunning them 2.5 seconds longer at the first use after Baymax’s “Scan”.
Attacks that do Normal Damage always crit against studied enemies. Hexed enemies are stunning for 4 seconds if they use their active skills.

+10 seconds study
+remove level cap
+2 enemies targeted
+this skill now applies fatigue and weakness and hex them
+allies now gains Normal Prowess and deals more Normal damage when enemy is studied
+if Hiro Hamada is Baymax’s ally, his “Microbot Stun” get bonuses

Purple Skill: Optimized Armor

Baymax’s shields from “Healthcare Companion” and “Blast Off” reduce damage taken from critical hits by 90%.
All Baymax’s allies cannot being frozen and blinded over 0.5 seconds in total.
If any Baymax’s allies get frozen or blinded by enemies over the cap, their remaining freeze and blind duration automatically reduces to 0.5 seconds. All remaining freeze or blind duration or extra freeze and blind duration from enemies are send back to 3 random enemies, these enemies receive 2 stack of frost and take X (Fantastic) damage each second they are frozen or blinded.
The damage reduction is less effective against enemies above level Y.

+50% damage reduction
+Baymax and his allies cannot be frozen or blinded over 0.5 seconds and send back remaining duration to enemies, these enemies received frost and take damage

Red skill: Protective Programming

Every time a shield is applied to Baymax or an ally, they received 1 stack of hardy. Baymax can apply up to 50 stacks of hardy every 10 seconds.
When Baymax has a shield, his armor and reality are increased by Y.
Whenever any shield for allies is destroyed or expired, all enemies take X (Fantastic) damage and lose X armor.
When Baymax first time reaches 0 HP, he instantly use “Blast Off” and heals himself for X HP. If Baymax is KO’ed, the closest enemy will be instantly KO’ed.
Additional stat Boosts:
+Y Max HP
+Y Armor
+Y Shield HP from “Blast Off”

+40 hardy cap
-2 seconds hardy cap reset
+50% armor from shield
+this skill now grants reality
+enemies take damage and lose armor if a shield is destroyed or expired
+Baymax now have a 2nd revival and KO’s the closest enemy if he is KO’ed

“Happy Go Lucky” from WALL-E

“Optimized Armor” also grants allies Y armor and reality
+Y basic damage for Baymax and his allies
+20%(+20% per star) Shield HP
+20%(+20% per star) Shield Length
Enemies are slowed to 25%(-5% per star) for 5(+5 per star)seconds at the start of each wave

+50% armor for “Optimized Armor”, also grants reality
+additional basic damage
+10%(+10% per star) Shield HP and Shield Length
+Enemies are slowed from the start of each wave

“Snow Day” from Olaf

+Y skill power
+Y normal prowess
Enemies receive 1(+1 per star) stack of frost from the start of each wave
+1(+1 per star) seconds freeze from “Blast Off”
If Hiro Hamada is Baymax’s allies, Baymax will send 1(+1 per star) additional microbot pillar targeting random enemies each time he uses “Blast Off”, these microbot pillars deals damage equal to Hiro’s “Microbot Stun” and stuns them
for duration equal to Hiro’s “Microbot Stun”

+400% skill power
+1 (+1 per star) seconds freeze longer from “Blast Off”
+this skill now applies frost at the start of each wave
+release additional microbot pillars from “Blast Off” if Hiro Hamada is one of Baymax’s allies

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