Blanky (the Brave Little Toaster Hero Concept)



Everyone has a soft side. Blanky, a kind-hearted blanket who helps his friends power through the fight, is soft on both sides.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Backline Control
Stars: :star:
Quote: “We did good, didn’t we?”

Entrance: Blanky crawls into the battlefield.
Victory: Blanky nuzzles up to get comfortable.
KO: Blanky sobs loudly.

Basic Attack: Blanky cuddles an ally, granting them X HP.

White Skill - Heat Absorber - Normal Damage
Blanky wraps himself around the enemy with the most HP, dealing X damage and stunning them for 6 seconds.

Green Skill - the Blanket
Blanky stares at enemies, scaring them and reducing their attack speed by 65% for 4 seconds.

Blue Skill - Fabric Fortress
Blanky approaches the weakest ally and shapes himself into a tent, granting himself and that ally X shield, lasting for 5 seconds.

Purple Skill - Snuggle Huddle
Blanky’s “Heat Absorber” skill steals X HP from enemies. His armor and Basic Skill power are both increased to X.

Red Skill - Good as New
Blanky starts each wave with 70% additional attack speed, and will gain X HP for each time an enemy dodges an ally’s attacks.

The attack speed increase and HP gain are both active for 8 seconds.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to the Blanket

Blanky + Lampy
Campaign: Chaperone Needed - As Blanky joins a field trip in the City University, Lampy is forced to chaperone him. After a creep horde attacks, the gooseneck lamp finally warms up to the heated blanket.
Disk: A Friend In Need
Disk Memory: Allies gain X reality while shielded by Blanky’s “Fabric Fortress” skill.
Disk Power: Z armor
Allies: Violet, Felix, Hiro Hamada

Blanky + Slinky Dog
Campaign: Shy Away - Slinky helps Blanky get to the Park after the cowardly cover loses his party. During their trek, Blanky shares his story about traveling a long distance to reunite with his Master, to which Slinky is amazed.
Disk: Cozy to the Core
Disk Memory: Blanky gains X additional Skill power each time he performs his Basic Skill.
Disk Power: Z energy gain
Allies: Joy, Kevin Flynn, the Evil Queen


I love it. Thanks for this concept. I would love to see this movie represented in the game


Which movie is he from??

It literally says in the title of the post that he’s from The Brave Little Toaster. :expressionless:

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