Bolt/Baymax Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the second friendship campaign for Bolt!

Campaign name: Animal Care




Allies: Elsa, Judy Hopps, Alice

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Bolt and Baymax are now friends!

Bolt: Baymax, for a giant balloon you sure do come in handy.

Baymax: Thank you, Bolt. Though I am not a balloon, I am a healthcare companion.

Baymax: Although, I can see the resemblance when I have my armor off.

Campaign Story: Bolt helps Baymax with veterinarian knowledge for animals all over the City.

Baymax: Hello. I am Baymax a personal healthcare companion. I was alerted the need of medical attention when you said “Ow”.

Bolt: I’m fine, Baymax. I just need to take care of these creeps.

Baymax: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?

Bolt: Uh, I don’t know, 3?

Baymax: I will scan you now.

Bolt: Uhhh… That won’t be necessary.

Chapter 1: Giant Balloon

Chapter 1-1: Just before Baymax could scan Bolt. Creeps appear out of nowhere.

Chapter 1-2: Before Baymax could shield Bolt, he jumps out of the way and sends out a superbark.

Chapter 1-3: Baymax shoots out his rocket fists at the creeps. They quickly scatter.

Chapter 1-4: Baymax soon sees Bolt growling for any nearby creeps. He eventually calms down.

Chapter 1-5: With his permission, Baymax scans Bolt.

Baymax: Scan complete.

Bolt: So, what did you find?

Baymax: Your heart levels are elevating rapidly. Have you experienced any recent stress?

Bolt: Other than for Penny and my friends. No.

Baymax: I’ve also noticed you have minor bleeding on your paw.

Bolt: Can you fix that?

Chapter 2: Cowgirl Call

Chapter 2-1: Baymax has yet to understand animal anatomy. As he was programmed to assist human beings.

Chapter 2-2: Bolt needs to get to Penny. But he can’t walk without hurting his paw more.

Chapter 2-3: Fortunately, Baymax informs Bolt that Jessie can help with his paw.

Chapter 2-4: Baymax has mapped the quickest and safest route to the cowgirl.

Chapter 2-5: When they arrived at Jessie’s, they see her being ambushed by creeps. They jump in to assist.

Jessie: Boy howdy! I don’t know how to thank ya two for helping me out back there!

Baymax: Jessie, this critter here named Bolt, needs your assistance.

Jessie: What is it that you need help with Bolt?

Bolt: Well I have this red liquid that’s coming out of my paw. Do you think you can fix it?

Chapter 3: Critter Care

Chapter 3-1: Bolt and Baymax arrive at Jessie’s.

Chapter 3-2: As they battle their way in, they can hear all kinds of critters.

Chapter 3-3: When they head inside, Bolt shows Jessie his paw.

Chapter 3-4: Jessie knows just what to do. She wraps the paw with some bandage and tells Bolt to let it heal for a few days.

Chapter 3-5: As Bolt thanks Jessie, he turns to Baymax.

Bolt: Do you at least have any of healthcare knowledge of animals?

Baymax: Like I said. I have yet to understand animal anatomy.

Bolt: Maybe we can get Hiro to make a chip for veterinarian healthcare.

Baymax: If you wish on helping me with animal care. We could see if some of your animal friends are willing to help.

Chapter 4: Animal Call

Chapter 4-1: Bolt agrees to this and sees if Mittens and Rhino are up for it.

Chapter 4-2: After talking to them, Baymax tells them to wait at the Park.

Chapter 4-3: For their next animal patients, they run into Simba and Nala. They mange to talk them into it.

Chapter 4-4: Their last patient they find is a dog named, Pluto. they all meet at the Park.

Chapter 4-5: But before Baymax could start scanning them. Creeps show up and scare them off.

Baymax: The animals could most likely be in danger with the creeps running lose.

Bolt: Is that bad?

Baymax: If the creeps get them, our friends could be dangerous. It’s my job as a healthcare companion to save them.

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Bolt: Baymax, have your friends decide if I can come with them on their patrols yet?

Baymax: Despite your enthusiasm, they have yet to decide.

Baymax I will keep you updated when you can come with them.

Bolt: Thanks, buddy.

Chapter 5: Finding Pluto

Chapter 5-1: Bolt and Baymax search the Park to find their animal friends.

Chapter 5-2: But, no matter where they looked, the animals are no where to be seen.

Chapter 5-3: Just then, Bolt hears the sounds of yelping behind some rose bushes

Chapter 5-4: Behind the rose bushes is Pluto! He’s got thorns all over his paws.

Chapter 5-5: As Baymax helps Pluto out, Bolt takes the thorns out of his paws. Just then, they see Mickey rushing to them

Mickey: Pluto! Gosh, I’m glad you’re okay. What happened to him?

Bolt: He had thorns on his paws. He must’ve hid there from the creeps.

Baymax: To prevent any bleeding, I suggest covering the wounded areas with bandages is recommended.

Mickey: Will do. Thanks you two!

Chapter 6: On the Prowl

Chapter 6-1: Next the two think of places where Simba and Nala could be.

Chapter 6-2: Bolt has the feeling that the cubs wandered into the elephant graveyard again.

Chapter 6-3: They go to the graveyard only to find Simba and Nala surrounded by hyenas.

Chapter 6-4: Bolt scares off the hyenas with a super bark. Baymax shields the cubs.

Chapter 6-5: When the hyenas retreat in fear, Baymax scans Simba.

Baymax: Scan complete.

Simba: I don’t need your help you giant tub of air!

Baymax: Your blood pressure is elevating high. Have you been experiencing some recent stress?

Nala: I wouldn’t call it stress. But he has been bottling himself up.

Bolt: Is something bugging you kid?

Simba: Fine. It’s these creeps. No matter how many Nala and I take care of, they always come back. I just wanna go back home.

Bolt: I know how that feels. Being away from home and those you loved in life.

Chapter 7: Our Super Dog

Chapter 7-1: All that was left to find now, was Mittens and Rhino.

Chapter 7-2: Bolt decides to look through the City alleys.

Chapter 7-3: As they search, Baymax tries to inform Bolt of the dangers of an alley.

Chapter 7-4: But, no matter how much they look. There is no sign of the cat or hamster.

Chapter 7-5: That is until they hear sounds of screams and stress.

Baymax: I’m detecting sounds of stress.

Bolt: Could it be Mittens and Rhino?

Baymax: The sound is coming from the Park. We should investigate.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Baymax: I noticed your blood levels elevate high when your around styrofoam. is there a reason for this?

Bolt: It’s so menacing and it sticks to me! You do not know the power it has on me!

Chapter 8: Home at Last

Chapter 8-1: Bolt and Baymax return to the Park and see Mittens and Rhino surrounded by creeps!

Chapter 8-2: Bolt gets the creeps attention by using a super bark.

Chapter 8-3: Baymax fires his rocket fists at the creeps. Just before they could get to Mittens and Rhino.

Chapter 8-4: When the creeps are gone, Baymax scans Mittens and Rhino.

Chapter 8-5: Nothing has shown up from neither of the two, but Bolt knows what it is.

Baymax: I haven’t seen anything that could be their problem.

Bolt: I think I know what it is.

Bolt: They aren’t really feeling any pain, but they are glad I’m O.K., and that we saved them from the creeps.

Baymax: I will keep note of that for next time. Thank you for your assistance on veterinarian care, Bolt.

Bolt: No problem. Well me and the others have to get home, Penny is going to get worried.

Baymax: I must return home too, to recharge. I will see you tomorrow, Bolt.

Bolt: O.K., bye Baymax.

Campaign “Animal Care” complete.

“Furry Baby” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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