Bolt Concept

“Are you mad? You don’t know the power of styrofoam!”

Role: Damage

Position: Middle

Stars: :star2:

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Jumps into the battlefield

Victory: Bolt howls

Defeat: Bolt growls

Basic Attack: Bolt shoots his laser eyes


White Skill: Speak
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Bolt unleashes a sonic bark doing X damage to all enemies, knocking them back and stunning them for 4 seconds.

The stun has a chance to fail above level X enemies.

Green Skill: Heat Vision
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Bolt unleashes his heat vision, doing X damage to all enemies and melting Y armor for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill: Puppy Look
Bolt puts on his puppy look charming the closest enemy for 8 seconds. While charmed the enemy gains X basic damage.

Purple Skill: Superdog
Bolt gains X armor and reality every time he uses “Speak”. This lasts until the end of the wave.

Red Skill: Protector
Each time Bolt uses “Speak”, his attack speed and basic damage is increased by 10%. This can be stacked up to 3 times.

Additional stat boosts:

+Z more damage to “Speak”
+Z basic damage
+Z max HP


Bolt - Rapunzel
Loyal Companion
Stun damages enemies

  • Stunned enemies take X fantastic damage per second

  • Max HP

  • Skill power

10% stunned length to allies per star.

Bolt - Baymax
Furry Baby
“Heat Vision” slows and lowers reality

  • Heat Vision also removes X reality

  • X basic damage

When Bolt uses “Heat Vision”, enemies attack and movement speed are reduced by 10% for 6 seconds. +10% per star.

Bolt/Rapunzel Friendship Campaign Concept

Bolt/Baymax Friendship Campaign Concept

Bolt/Rapunzel Friendship Missions

I hope you enjoy!


Five stars! I really like it! I do hope Bolt does make it into the game


Thanks, I hope Bolt comes too. You should check out my Pongo and Perdita concept, when you get the chance.


I love :heart: the movie Bolt so I really hope he comes to the game soon

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Don’t revive dead topics, even if you love the movie.

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hmm he already came into the game…

Check when this was posted. This was posted long before Bolt was added to the game.


ik but i wanted to see the reaction

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