Bolt/Rapunzel Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s my first friendship campaign for Bolt!

Campaign name: Power Search




Allies: Alice, Nick Wilde, Randall Boggs

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Bolt and Rapunzel are now friends!

Bolt: Rapunzel, how do you get around with all that hair?

Rapunzel: Oh, I’ve always had it lose. It probably sounds strange to you huh?

Bolt: I don’t. Would I tell you I used to think my TV show was real?

Campaign Story: Bolt’s superpowers return to him in the City. Bolt doesn’t believe this, so he and Rapunzel venture out in the City to find the source of his powers.

Rapunzel: Hi, Bolt!

Bolt: Oh hi, Rapunzel. How are you doing today?

Rapunzel: I’m doing great! So much to see in the City. I bet you want to go to the park today.

Bolt: I sure do. I would appreciate it if you came with me while Penny is at school.

Chapter 1: Park Days

Chapter 1-1: Bolt and Rapunzel decide to have a park day in the City.

Chapter 1-2: Bolt runs off so fast, Rapunzel has a hard time keeping up.

Chapter 1-3: At the park, Rapunzel finds a stick and plays fetch with Bolt.

Chapter 1-4: By the time Bolt finds the stick. He sees a creep has the stick.

Chapter 1-5: Bolt had his eyes locked on him and the stick. He accidentally unleashes his heat vision. He and Rapunzel are surprised.

Rapunzel: Wow, I didn’t know you had magical powers too.

Bolt: I didn’t! I honestly had no idea.

Bolt: Although, what if I got all my powers back from my show?

Rapunzel: There’s only one way to find out.

Chapter 2: Power Test Run

Chapter 2-1: Bolt is surprised that he has his super ‘powers’ again. Rapunzel, not so much, because she had magical hair.

Chapter 2-2: Curious, Bolt wants to know why (and how) they’re back. So he decides to take them on a test run.

Chapter 2-3: Bolt finds a group of creeps and gets ready to send out a super bark.

Chapter 2-4: Bolt hears Judy and Nick’s police sirens and gets startled by the noise. The creeps surround him immediately.

Chapter 2-5: Luckily, Rapunzel is there to lend a hand.

Bolt: I think it’s safe to say I have my superpowers back. Wait till Rhino starts fanboying over me again.

Rapunzel: Maybe there was something that granted you those powers.

Bolt: What do you mean?

Chapter 3: Flower Power

Chapter 3-1: Rapunzel explains to Bolt that she got her magic hair from a special golden flower.

Chapter 3-2: Bolt isn’t sure that he got his powers from a flower. Especially since he tends to sneeze around them.

Chapter 3-3: Before Rapunzel could think of other reasons why Bolt’s superpowers returned. Creeps surround the duo.

Chapter 3-4: Bolt sends out waves of his super bark at brutes. Rapunzel swings her frying pan at ninjas.

Chapter 3-5: When the dust settles, they see Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde approach them.

Judy: Tough creep horde there wasn’t it?

Bolt: Yeah, but we managed to prevail.

Nick: So what brings you two to our neck of the woods today?

Rapunzel: Bolt’s been having a little adventure, and he keeps running off with his superpowers.

Bolt: I was doing a test run to make sure all of them are back.

Rapunzel: He said they were on his TV show. After a while, he found out he doesn’t have any.

Bolt: And since arriving here, they came back even after I quit my show. You guys have been here in the City for some time. Do you think there’s a reason why?

Chapter 4: In the Code

Chapter 4-1: When the four arrive at the ZPD, Nick and Judy explain that Bolt’s powers came from his new code.

Chapter 4-2: Bolt and Rapunzel don’t understand what they mean. But agree to let them help.

Chapter 4-3: As they process Bolt through an X-Ray, nothing has shown up out of the ordinary.

Chapter 4-4: Before they could get into more detail, creeps attack the percint.

Chapter 4-5: Bolt and Rapunzel follow Judy and Nick outside to fend the creeps.

Judy: We can only hold them off for a little while. You two better get going.

Bolt: Is there any way I can crack this code that’s returning my powers?

Nick: It’s not a code to crack- Never mind, you should talk to Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. They know more about this superpower stuff than Carrots and I do.

Rapunzel: Thank you two so much. We’ll be on our way.

Bolt: Just as soon as I finish these creeps.

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Bolt: You know when you told me about the times you were sealed in a tower, it reminded me about my own time on my TV show.

Rapunzel: You had an abusive stepmother too?

Bolt: No. but for the longest time, I believed Penny was in danger of Calico. Turns out her agent just wanted me to think it was all real and kept her away from me.

Chapter 5: Super Solutions

Chapter 5-1: Rapunzel sees that Bolt is taking out creeps with his heat vision.

Chapter 5-2: After the battle, they head to the Parr’s residence.

Chapter 5-3: Bolt wonders why they have to keep it a secret. Rapunzel thinks it’s cool that they’re more people with magical powers.

Chapter: 5-4: When they arrived they see Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl ambushed by creeps. They rush in to assist.

Chapter 5-5: Bolt and Rapunzel approach the superheroes just as Elastigirl takes out a mage with an iron fist.

Elastigirl: Thanks for helping us there, you guys.

Mr. Incredible: This happens more often than you’d think.

Rapunzel: You’re welcome. Say, if I’m not mistaken, you two know a lot about superpowers.

Elastigirl: Yeah, why?

Bolt: I was hoping you could help me with my superpower problem.

Mr. Incredible: Wait you’re trying to find the source of your powers too?

Chapter 6: Super's Theory

Chapter 6-1: Bolt and Rapunzel are surprised to hear that Violet and Dash are looking for true answers about their superpowers too.

Chapter 6-2: Neither of the parents knew how superpowers came to be, so they couldn’t give a clear answer.

Chapter 6-3: Rapunzel says that she got her magic hair from a flower. So maybe, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl were the same.

Chapter 6-4: Before the dog and princess left. Mr. Incredible asks if they can find their kids.

Chapter 6-5: Bolt and Rapunzel, always happy to help agree to find Violet and Dash.

Rapunzel: This is exciting now! I’ve never got to look for someone before. It’ll be like on your TV show Bolt.

Bolt: Almost. Minus the whole henchmen chasing after us. I should take the lead.

Chapter 7: Superdog's Message

Chapter 7-1: Bolt and Rapunzel start thinking of places the super kids could be.

Chapter 7-2: Knowing Bolt’s old TV show with Penny, he and Rapunzel head to the Covered Market.

Chapter 7-3: If they can find Violet and Dash, they might find out how Bolt’s superpowers returned.

Chapter 7-4: As they enter the Covered Market, they are immediately stopped by creeps.

Chapter 7-5: But just before Rapunzel and Bolt could attack, a force field surrounds them and the creeps are gone in a flash. Just then, Violet and Dash appear in front of them.

Rapunzel: Violet?

Bolt: Dash?

Dash: Yeah, that’s us.

Violet: How do you know our names?

Rapunzel: Your parents told us to find you. They’re worried!

Bolt: We also heard you were trying to find the source of your powers too. So am I.

Friend Level 10 Dialogue

Bolt: Chasing those Beagle Boys with you, Mittens, Rhino, and that horse and chameleon have got to be the strangest fun I had in a long time.

Rapunzel: Anytime you like to hang out with Maximus and Pascal is alright by me. Especially since Maximus is starting to know you.

Bolt: I might just have to take you up on that.

Chapter 8: Confront the Source

Chapter 8-1: Before they could head back, Bolt sees some turrets heading their way and unleashes a super bark. Dash is in complete awe.

Chapter 8-2: To answer Bolt’s question, Violet thinks their parents got their superpower from a serum.

Chapter 8-3: Rapunzel has a feeling it was similar to a special flower. Bolt begins to wonder about that ‘code’ Judy and Nick mentioned.

Chapter 8-4: After taking down a few creeps in the neighborhood, they see Elastigirl waiting at the front door.

Chapter 8-5: Elastigirl thanks the two for finding Violet and Dash and gives them a little flower as a token for her appreciation.

Rapunzel: Was that the flower that gave you your powers back? Did we find the source?

Bolt: No, I don’t think it has anything to do with flowers.

Rapunzel: Maybe it could be that code Judy and Nick mentioned earlier.

Bolt: Possibly, Mittens said I was going crazy when I used to think my TV show was real. I believed her after I found out she was right on my journey back to Penny. But now I wonder how I might have got my powers back.

Rapunzel: I’d love to hear more about your adventure one day Bolt. It sounds like it could make a great book or movie.

Bolt: Oh, it would! But we don’t have to wait. I can tell you all about it now.

Bolt: So, where should I start? When I first met Penny, or when I got lost in New York.

Campaign “Power Search” complete.

“Loyal Companion” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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