Bowser/Madam Mim Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the second friendship campaign for Bowser!

Campaign Name: Bowser 3D Land

Bowser/Madam Mim



Allies: Dr. Facilier, Yzma, Captain Hook

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Bowser: So you think you’re magnificent and marvelous, huh Mim? You got nothing against the King of Awesome here.

Madam Mim: Why I’m the greatest! I’m truly marvelous!

Bowser: You don’t say?

Madam Mim: Why if we were playing a game right now, I’d turn into a dragon and scorch you!

Campaign Story: Bowser turns to Madam Mim to help kidnap Princess Peach and destroy Mario.

Bowser: Mim, my nasty friend. I have a proposition for you.

Madam Mim: And why would I help you, Bowser?

Bowser: What if I helped you defeat that wizard Merlin in return?

Madam Mim: If you agree to my rules, then we have a deal.

Chapter 1: A Mad Deal

Chapter 1-1: Bowser directs Mim to proceed with her rules.

Chapter 1-2: Rule 1: No sunlight. Madam Mim can’t stand the wholesome sunshine.

Chapter 1-3: Rule 2: Bowser must let Mim engage Mario in a little ‘game’.

Chapter 1-4: Final rule: Should Merlin come around. Bowser must order Kammy to battle him in a Wizard’s Duel.

Chapter 1-5: Liking the set of rules, Bowser agrees to them.

Madam Mim: Ho ho! The rules are set.

Bowser: Not so fast, Mim. I’ll agree to the second rule, on one condition. I get to destroy Mario, whether he wins at your ‘game’ or not.

Madam Mim: You got a deal!

Bowser: Perfect. Now, here’s the plan.

Chapter 2: Best Laid Scheme

Chapter 2-1: Bowser explains his plan in detail to Madam Mim, who cackles with glee.

Chapter 2-2: Peter Pan and Alice, who are playing with the Lost Boys, overhear the cackling and decided to investigate.

Chapter 2-3: When Alice hears Bowser mention Mario and Princess Peach, she knows what they’re planning.

Chapter 2-4: Peter Pan and Alice know they need to warn Mario and Peach.

Chapter 2-5: The two decide to follow the villains to know more about their plan.

Madam Mim: Do you hear that? Sounds like children. And not your dreadful ones either.

Bowser; Not to worry. I have something that’ll slow them down.

Chapter 3: Child Control

Chapter 3-1: Bowser orders Kammy to stall Peter Pan and Alice after she covers the sun in clouds.

Chapter 3-2: The two realize they’ll need to fight Kammy to stop the villains.

Chapter 3-3: While they’re distracted, Bowser and Madam Mim head to the Black Market to get some supplies.

Chapter 3-4: Bowser directs Mim to steal a cauldron and a vile. Bowser goes and snatches a couple of potion ingredients and meat (for himself).

Chapter 3-5: The two villains got the supplies, unaware that Peter Pan and Alice have defeated Kammy Koopa and are watching them.

Peter: Whatever they’re planning is no good.

Alice: Do you think we should warn Mario and the Princess?

Peter: Sure, but I also had something else in mind.

Chapter 4: Junior Duo

Chapter 4-1: Peter and Alice split up to warn Mario and Peach.

Chapter 4-2: Bowser and Madam Mim get to work on making the potion.

Chapter 4-3: As the cauldron bubbles. The smoke attracts some nearby creeps.

Chapter 4-4: Madam Mim smacks any creeps with her broomstick that get close to the cauldron.

Chapter 4-5: Bowser breathes fire on any remaining creeps.

Madam Mim: The cauldron is bubbling! Hee hee!

Bowser: Once it’s done, Mario will be finished. Can’t wait for his demise.

Madam Mim: Now, don’t forget, I get to have a little game with him. One of the rules.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Bowser: So how did it go with Junior and the Koopalings?

Madam Mim: It was lovely! I never knew you had such dreadful children!

Bowser: I’ll take that as a yes.

Chapter 5: Last Minute Warning

Chapter 5-1: As Peter flys to Peach’s castle, he tells Tinkerbell to distract the villains.

Chapter 5-2: But then, Peter runs into a Theif and engages her in a duel.

Chapter 5-3: Meanwhile, Alice hurries to warn Mario.

Chapter 5-4: After Peter fights the Theif, he got to Mushroom Castle and warned Peach.

Chapter 5-5: And at the same moment, Alice got to Mario’s house and explains the situation.

Mario: Are you sure Bowser has teamed up with Madam Mim?

Alice: Yes, Peter and I even just stopped Kammy.

Mario: This potion they’re making sounds deadly too. Don’t worry, Alice. We’ll be ready for them.

Alice: I hope so.

Chapter 6: Castle Clash

Chapter 6-1: Madam Mim carefully pours the potion into the vial, the hold it triumphally over her head.

Chapter 6-2: Just then, Tinkerbell swoops in and steals the potion.

Chapter 6-3: Tinkerbell taunts the villains as she flies away.

Chapter 6-4: Infuriated, Bowser and Madam Mim chase the pixie into the clouds.

Chapter 6-5: Quickly, Tinkerbell opens the vial and uses it to disintegrate the clouds and bringing back the sun.

Madam Mim: AAAAGGGHHH!!! That horrible sunshine is back! That breaks one of my rules!

Bowser: I’ll admit, it is bright. But I got a backup plan.

Chapter 7: Backup Plan

Chapter 7-1: Bowser orders Mim to meet him in the skies.

Chapter 7-2: As Mim flies up with her broomstick she finds Bowser in his Clown Copter and they take off.

Chapter 7-3: Bowser tells Madam Mim that they’re going to do a full ariel attack on Mushroom Castle.

Chapter 7-4: As they fly to Mushroom Castle, a group of creep bugs follows them.

Chapter 7-5: It wasn’t long before they tried to shoot down the villains.

Bowser: Great. Just what we need right now. A group of flying creeps.

Madam Mim: Blasted creeps! Let me at em!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Madam Mim: Why you-you-you overgrown lizard. You stole all my stars. You cheated!

Bowser: I didn’t cheat. You just don’t understand how Mario Party works.

Madam Mim: Oh just you wait. Just you wait. You’re gonna pay!

Chapter 8: Cannonballs Away

Chapter 8-1: Madam Mim transforms into a dragon burning all the bug creeps.

Chapter 8-2: After the battle, they made it to Mushroom Castle.

Chapter 8-3: Bowser begins to shoot more cannonballs on the roof.

Chapter 8-4: After a few shots, it gave Madam Mim an idea and tells Bowser.

Chapter 8-5: Bowser shoots another cannonball and Mim enlarges it with her magic, making it destroy the entire castle entrance.

Peach: Why hello, Bowser. I’ve been expecting you and your friend.

Mario: And so have I, ‘old friend’.

Bowser: Mario?! What are you doing here?!

Alice: Peter and I warned Mario and Peach as Tinkerbell distracted you!

Peter: I really wished I saw Tink messing with you.

Madam Mim: Blasted children! How dare you foil our lovely and horrible plans!

Mario: Come along now. I do believe you two have an appointment with the City Police. It would be a shame to be late.

Campaign “Bowser 3D Land” complete.

“Dreadful Reign” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!


The dialogue as a whole is great, but… isn’t this part almost exactly how the Madam Mim/Magica campaign starts?

I know it is, but I couldn’t seem to exactly think of anything, unless you got a suggestion.

I guess that’s fair, and I’ll admit I can’t really think of too many other options. Just thought I’d ask since I noticed it.

I like it since i like to playing mario games ever since i was little kid

WHEEZE :rofl:

This campaign and all the others you made are just… AMAZING! Keep it up!

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